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Standss Email Merge PRO for Outlook

EmailMerge Pro for Outlook also the fastest, easiest way to send out PERSONALIZED Christmas Emails and Invitations

EmailMerge for Outlook, allows you to generate large numbers of personalized emails using your contact list of customers and friends.

Standss eeminders for Outlook NEW!

Use your Inbox to get the right things done... at the right time!

Snooze emails out of the Inbox and have them appear on a date and time of your choosing. Get reminded to follow-up on sent emails with a copy of your sent email at the top of your Inbox. See emails in the Inbox in the order that you want to work on them.

StandssApps EmailTags for Outlook

Email Tags for Outlook - Clean Inbox. Easily findable emails

Organize your emails with just a few clicks. Tag your emails with customer name, job number, project ... anything you want. Easily find all tagged emails for later reference and decision making.

Standss QuickFile for Outlook

Organize Mail Quicker. Smarter. Easier. The Outlook Addin that Gives You a Better Outlook

QuickFile helps you organize mail quicker and more sensibly. Your emails get filed away, fast and easy. And you can find them again later, fast and easy.

Standss SendGuard for Outlook

Avoid Common Emailing Mistakes that Look Unprofessional and Waste Valuable Time

You continue to write and send your emails the same way you always have. SendGuard automatically warns you and lets you take corrective action if it detects any of the common mistakes.

Standss EmailNotes for Outlook

Writing Notes on Emails is now as easy as sticking a note to a piece of paper
  • One click to add and link notes to emails
  • One click to view and edit notes linked to an email
  • Forward, Reply and Print your emails with or without notes

Standss InsertText for Outlook

The Microsoft® Outlook ® Add-on That Speeds Up the e-Mail Response Times and Ensures High Quality Replies

Now we are able to respond to customer questions quicker and in fewer emails. Our response time has dropped dramatically and our customers are happier.

Standss SignatureSwitch for Outlook

The Microsoft® Outlook® Add-on that improves Outlook's use of HTML-based signatures.

Signature Switch will automatically check all emails as they are being sent and replaces the PLACE_HOLDER signature with the appropriate signature based on the recipients.

Standss Smart Schedules for Outlook

The Microsoft® Outlook® Add-on That makes it easy to create Appointments and Tasks.

Smart Schedules allows you to automatically Schedule & Reschedule Appointments & Tasks for the FULL Project… inside Outlook … in less than 10% of the time… with no errors!

Standss Fax for Word

Use the Fax for Word fax template for marketing to your customers

Fax PERSONALIZED copies of the same letter to many people