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The importance of Subject lines in your sales emails

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

I thought I’d start this week’s blog posts on a short post on one of the most important part of emails… the Subject line. This is particularly important if you are using a tool like EmailMerge for Outlook to send out sales/marketing emails.  Using inaccurate (or worse misleading) Subject lines in your emails can have positive or negative consequences.

The right Subject line can help you get a better response rate

How do you decide which emails in your Inbox need to be read now and which ones can wait till later (possibly forever as they slide further down your Inbox)?

Most people take a quick look at the sender and the Subject line. If you are a VIP to them, chances are they will open your email. Otherwise… Your Subject Line must relate to an important matter or at least an interesting matter… it must get your reader’s attention

And remember…  interesting does not have to mean important… everyone looks for distractions during the day when we take breaks…. get the reader’s attention with your Subject line!

But before you try and make your Subject lines too interesting…

Misleading Subject Lines are against the CAN-SPAM Act

Your subject line, while needing to be interesting enough to get the reader’s attention, must accurately reflect the content of your message. Otherwise you could be getting yourself into some legal trouble… or at least banned to people’s junk mail folders.

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Outlook Email Tip: Images in your marketing emails are reducing response rates!

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Using images in your marketing emails incorrectly can cause a reduction in response rates. Here’s why:

  1. Plain text emails get through spam filters more easily (ultimately it depends on content so your plain text emails will still get caught if you are sending out obvious spam).
  2. Email clients like Outlook do not display graphics in emails by default because spammers have started using them for tracking purposes etc. Therefore if you have your main message only in an image (without repeating it in text), then your readers may never actually see it.
  3. Many email users are now using the preview pane to scan through emails before deciding which emails deserve their attention. If you have a graphic at the top that is not meaningful then your emails may be skipped.
  4. Not all your readers are using the same version of Outlook as you are… in fact many may not be using Outlook at all (think Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc). In our experience images often cause HTML emails to display differently in different browsers which can spoil the look you want to achieve with your emails.

This is one of the main reasons that most of the professionally designed templates in our Email Merge for Outlook addin have little or no images in them. Instead we have used HTML to create a professional look that displays properly and looks great in all the email programs that your readers will be using.

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Outlook Email Tip: Do your emails look good in the Preview Pane?

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Around 80% of business-to-business (b2b) users and 50% of business-to-consumer users first see your emails in the preview pane. If you are not formatting your emails to display correctly in the preview pane than you are getting fewer responses than you should.

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. If your Subject Line or From field does not make it immediately obvious to the reader who you are then you need to have your company name, logo (see next point) or any other obvious indication of who you are in the first few lines of the email.
  2. Have something COMPELLING at the top of the email that makes the reader interested in scrolling or opening your email to read the rest.
  3. Unless absolutely necessary, try not to have large images at the top of your email.  (Outlook actually does not show graphics by default so many recipients may just be seeing a blank space).
  4. Avoid having links at the top of your email message (unless the aim of your email was to send readers to a particular web page). Otherwise they could click away from your email and never read your message properly.

Design your emails to display properly in the Preview Pane and you should see an improvement in your response rates.

(All the professionally designed templates that come with the new version of Email Merge for Outlook addin have been designed with the Preview Pane used in all the major emails clients in mind)

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NEW Email Merge for Outlook Released: Short Video & Trial (Special offer for next few days only)

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Email Merge for Outlook Version 3 is online. See the short 5
minute VIDEO (or download a trial version) and find out why
THOUSANDS of users are using Email Merge to TRIPLE the response
rates to their sales emails.

We have great DISCOUNTS for the NEXT FEW DAYS… and there are some
bonuses during the week as well.

EmailMerge is the FASTEST, EASIEST and SAFEST way to send out
PROFESSIONAL LOOKING emails to your customers… directly from
Outlook… using contact data from Outlook, Excel and more.

* Works inside Outlook so you can create emails the way you already
know (you don’t need to be a HTML or graphics expert)
* Easy to Use Wizard which steps you through the sending process
* Start immediately by using your existing customer data from
Outlook, Excel, Access, CSV files and more
* Create Professional Looking Emails using the included
professionally designed templates
* Your Emails are less likely to be mistaken for SPAM
* No monthly fees
* No volume or contact limit
… plus much more

Sanjay Singh

PS: Our 5 minute video will immediately show you if this is what
you need. The Discounts and Bonuses are only available for a few
days so take a look NOW!

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Why you may have resisted starting Email Marketing?

By standss - Comments ( 2 ) Monday, August 23rd, 2010

We recently released a report called The Accidental Salesperson’s Guide to Email Marketing. We’ve had some interesting (NEGATIVE) FEEDBACK from users, particularly with regards to why they have resisted making a start with email marketing in their own businesses.

In this post we look at the reasons given to us… and if/how the newest version of Email Merge for Outlook can overcome them.

Reason #1: I don’t have an existing list of people to start email marketing to

Yes you do… how about all the people you already do business with. How many contacts do you already have in Outlook.

How about the business card you collected during seminars, trade events meetings etc? It won’t take long to enter them into Outlook.

What about the contacts on your sales processing or accounting systems. Virtually all sales and accounting systems allow you to export contact details in Excel format… and all the better email marketing systems can use information from Excel.

(Email Merge for Outlook software can work with Outlook, Excel, Access, CSV files and more)

Reason #2: Am I not supposed to seek permission from customers before emailing them

If you had preciously emailed them from Outlook or from your accounting systems (or they have given you their business card) then you already have permission to a certain degree. But… this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have permission to start spamming them.

My personal opinion on this (and this is not a legal opinion) is that you can send them additional information related to what you have communicated about in the past.

But… if they ask not to receive marketing information then, don’t send it to them. This way you still keep open your normal business emails.

(This is why we added the Do-Not-Send-To list in Email Merge. Add someone to that list and Email Merge will NEVER send a marketing email to them… even if you forget and accidentally select them)

Reason #3: It is too difficult to use email addresses from Excel… I am unable to simply import and start using email addresses into most of the email marketing systems that I have seen. (Although I can import the email addresses, they cannot be used until my contact has opted in)

Email Merge for Outlook lets you start sending out emails to contacts from Outlook, Excel, Access etc immediately… without requiring them to opt-in. But…

This is not a license to spam! If you don’t treat customers’ email addresses with respect, they will blacklist you and your emails will end up unread in their junk mail folders.

(The previously mentioned Do-Not-Send-To list in Email Merge adds a layer of protection to stop this from happening unintentionally.)

Reason #4: I don’t want to learn yet another software to create and send out my emails

Most systems that work outside of Outlook will require a little bit of learning before you start.

Email Merge for Outlook works inside of Outlook by adding a few buttons to the Outlook toolbars /ribbons.

  • You create and format your email using Outlook so there is nothing new to learn. (We’ve even put in professionally designed templates so that you don’t have to be a formatting guru to send out great looking emails)
  • You click ONE button and the Email Merge Wizard takes you step-by-step through selecting the recipients and then sending out the emails.

Reason #5: I can’t use Outlook… my ISP has placed restrictions on the number of emails I can send out in a certain time?

Email Merge can break your email outs into smaller batches and then schedule them so that you meet your ISP’s requirements.

Reason #6: I am on a budget. Many email marketing systems seem to have monthly subscriptions and then there are limits on the number of emails that I can send out.

Most online systems do have monthly prices. However Email Merge for Outlook is a ONE TIME PURCHASE…. and there are NO LIMITS to how many emails you can send out.

I hope that I have convinced you that
Email Marketing can be easily done from inside Outlook.

We’ve already launched the BRAND NEW VERSION of Email Merge to existing users. Feedback has been awesome… this is the FASTEST, EASIEST, SAFEST way to create and send out PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PERSONALIZED EMAILS from INSIDE OUTLOOK using your EXISTING DATA.

We are going to launch Email Merge to everyone who is not already an existing user within the next 24 hours.

We know that seeing is believing… we are completing a short video showing you how easy Email Merge makes it to use your existing data for email marketing.

There will be some great discounts and bonuses for early movers so keep your eyes on your Inbox.

Till tomorrow.


PS: The last time our early mover bonuses ran out within 24 hours of release so please keep an eye on your Inbox. The video we will release tomorrow will show you immediately if you will benefit from Email Merge for Outlook or not.

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Use Outlook Categories to Segment Your Customers and Prospects (or you could end up losing sales)

By standss - Comments ( 1 ) Friday, August 20th, 2010

Not everyone in your list of customers and prospects are interested in everything you sell. Try and group them into different segments… and then send different emails based on the needs of each group.

Outlook has a very powerful feature called Categories that you can use to segment your contacts.

Unfortunately it is not as easy as it could be to do email merges with this!

Users of our Email Merge PRO for Outlook software can easily use the Email Merge Wizard to both send out emails to particular segments/categories and to maintain their mailing lists.

The EmailMerge Wizard lets you save your selected contacts to a new or existing category easily inside the Wizard.

Click here to download a trial version of EmailMerge PRO for Outlook.

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Respect your customers… how to avoid sending them Outlook (marketing) emails when they have asked to not be contacted

By standss - Comments ( 1 ) Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Email marketing using Outlook can be tricky if you don’t manage it properly. You will probably be using Outlook to send your customers and prospects marketing emails and normal non-marketing emails.

If your customer has asked you politely (the first email is usually polite) to not send them marketing emails then STOP.

You will need to contact them via email again for non-marketing related things… use their email address against their wishes and you may find that you get blocked off.

This is one of the NEW SAFETY features that we have built into Email Merge PRO Version 3! We have added a Do Not Send list.

What is the Do Not Send List? It is a special list maintained by you inside Email Merge. It contains a list of people who have asked to NOT be sent marketing emails (but probably still are happy to receive your normal emails).

Now when you send out a marketing email from Outlook using EmailMerge PRO, no emails will be sent to anyone who is on your Do-Not-Send-To list… even if you try to add them to your list of recipients manually.

Click here to download a trial version of EmailMerge PRO for Outlook.

This post is a small excerpt from our new FREE report titled:
The Accidental Salesperson’s Guide to Email Sales & Marketing with Outlook
7 Tips used EVERY DAY by Real (Intentional) Salespeople to RETAIN and GAIN NEW CUSTOMERS

Most of the ideas in the report were very generously shared by our THOUSANDS of readers who are already using Outlook very successfully to GROW their businesses.

Click here Download a FREE COPY of this Outlook Report.  (The report is 100% FREE… you may want to download it TODAY as it contains some TIME-SENSITIVE information on using Outlook as a Sales Power-Tool)

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Is your Facebook making you look unprofessional to Outlook users?

By standss - Comments ( 1 ) Monday, August 16th, 2010

Microsoft Outlook recently released a new (free) connector to users that lets other people see your Facebook profile picture (and status information) right inside Outlook. Question is… are you happy with the picture they are seeing?

Your picture will show up anytime an Outlook user writes to you… or reads an email from you inside Outlook… even if they are not your Facebook friend.

Is your Facebook picture appropriate for your business contacts?

Remember… they don’t have to be your Facebook friend to see your picture inside Outlook! All they need to be doing is using Outlook… with the new Facebook social connecter installed!

You can try out the Outlook Facebook connector for yourself from this link. It works in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Remember to let your colleagues know if their pictures are unflattering.

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Do you know what action you want your customers to take when they read your email?

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Friday, August 13th, 2010

TIP #5: KNOW why you are writing the email… What is in it for the reader? What is in it for you… what do you want the reader to do?

Why are you writing a particular email… Is it to inform the customer of a new product… is to inform them of a promotion you are running?

Is there something you want the customer to do… maybe click on a link… or call you… or download a file?

If you want your customers or prospects to do something then ask them to do it… they can’t read your mind! (You’d be surprised what a difference in conversion rates this simple tip will make)

This post is a small excerpt from our new FREE report titled:

The Accidental Salesperson’s Guide to Email Sales & Marketing with Outlook

7 Tips used EVERY DAY by Real (Intentional) Salespeople to RETAIN and GAIN NEW CUSTOMERS

Most of the ideas in the report were very generously shared by our THOUSANDS of readers who are already using Outlook very successfully to GROW their businesses.

Click here Download a FREE COPY of this Outlook Report.  (The report is 100% FREE… you may want to download it TODAY as it contains some TIME-SENSITIVE information on using Outlook as a Sales Power-Tool)

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Email Merge for Outlook… More Features=More Testing (Sorry)

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Friday, August 13th, 2010

If you weren’t waiting to download the new version of Email Merge for Outlook, you can delete this email and get back to work.

Otherwise… we’ve got a quick APOLOGY to make.

We won’t be able to release EmailMerge on the 13th as we had planned.

Our recent survey of EmailMerge customers came up with same GREAT NEW IDEAS that we had missed… a few that we wanted to implement before the official release.

GOOD NEWS… we’ve finished programming the additional features in and they work great… we are really glad we asked you for your input.

BUT… we need the weekend to retest everything!

So… we’ll be releasing the brand new version of Email Merge NEXT week instead of today.

Apologies again for those who have been waiting.

Sanjay Singh

PS: We’re also testing all the professional designed templates that will come with Email Merge 3… in all the main email clients…  to ensure that they display properly to your customers when you start using them NEXT WEEK!

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