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Outlook Reminder Tip: Snooze Multiple Reminders at Once

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Setting up reminders on Task is simple and quite handy because with so much to do, we are likely to miss or forget about other important tasks that might be due.

BUT the overwhelming part is when you are in the middle of something very important and the Reminder Pop-up comes with several tasks. There is two things you might do at this point:

  1. Click on the red X button to close the Pop-up screen or
  2. Select each individual task and set a snooze time for it to reappear later

The second option is time-consuming and frustrating when you’re in a middle of something important and have no time to waste.

Get frustrated no more, here is a simple tip that will let you “Select All” Tasks and snooze them all at once:

When the Reminder Pop-up appears:

  • Select the First item in the list
  • Press Shift on your keyword
  • Select the Last item. This should now select all the items in the list as shown below:

Reminder Pop-up screen

  • Set the Snooze time from the drop-down
  • Click Snooze

This should now snooze all the items in the list to the time specified by you so you can continue with your important task on hand.

For more Reminder Tips, you can refer to an interesting article by Deborah Savadra on Managing Microsoft Outlook Reminders.

Did you find this tip useful? let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Outlook Calendar Tip: Go Straight to a Future Date rather then Browsing to it

By standss - Comments ( 2 ) Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Do you need to make an appointment entry for a future date e.g. 20 January 2013, how can you get there?

Most of us would say:

  • Go to the Calendar
  • Change to Week View or Month View and BROWSE to the future date

You are right, this is one way of doing this BUT there is a much easier and faster way to JUMP to the future date.

Here is how you can jump straight to a future date:

  • Open Outlook
  • Go to the Calendar
  • Press CTRL+G on your keyword. This brings up a screen as show below:

Go to Date

  • In the Date: field, enter the future date e.g. 20-1-12
  • From the Show in: drop-down list select the view you would prefer
  • Click OK

You will now jump straight to the date entered, all you have to do is enter your appointment in the required time slot, Faster right?

Hope you find this tip useful.

If you know of other ways to make the use of Calendar easier and faster, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Auto-Remind Yourself and Recipients to Follow Up on Outlook Emails

By standss - Comments ( 6 ) Thursday, April 19th, 2012

How many times have you requested for information via email and then… nothing. Here’s how you can set a reminder for the person you emailed and for yourself.

In this post, I will show you how to set both the reminders while writing the email.

Set Auto-Reminders for your Recipients

  • Open Outlook
  • Create a new email
  • On the Ribbon, click Follow-up > Add Reminder…

follow-up reminders

  • On the screen that appears, tick the checkbox “Flag for Recipients
  • Tick the Reminder: checkbox
  • Select the Date and Time for the reminder to appear in the recipients Outlook

Set Auto-Reminder for Yourself

  • On the same screen that you set the reminder for the recipient as above, tick the checkbox “Flag for me
  • Select the Start and Due Date
  • Tick the Reminder: checkbox
  • Select the Date and Time for the reminder to appear in your Outlook

Now on the date and time you have set, a reminder will automatically appear in the recipients and your Outlook. This way either of you are likely to follow-up on the  email in case it has not been dealt with.

If you find this tip useful, you may also want to check out Deborah Savadra’s Make your Outlook email messages un-ignorable on the Legal Office Guru (which reminded me of this topic).

Do you have your own methods of setting reminders in Outlook, please share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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Customize Outlook Today to show ALL your important email folders

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Friday, April 13th, 2012

Do you use the Outlook Today Page much? By default it shows the number of unread emails in your Inbox and Drafts folders. Here’s a quick tip to add other folders to the Today page.

  • Go to your Outlook Today Page
  • Click Customize Outlook Today (top right corner).
  • Click the Choose Folders button. Tick all the relevant folders and then click OK.
  • Click Save Changes to return to your Outlook Today page. The number of unread emails in your chosen folders will now be displayed.

Outlook Today Page

Some uses of this tip:

Know where Rules have moved emails

This is particularly useful if you use Rules to move emails out of your Inbox. The problem with doing that is remembering to look at the folders later to see if they have any new emails that need your attention. Use this technique to have a dashboard that tells you how many unread emails are in various folders that are important to you.

View how many newsletter emails you still need to read

QuickFile PRO for Outlook – get more productive by setting up QuickFile to automatically shift non-urgent emails such as newsletters etc. to a dedicated folder for later reading. You may want to add the folder Inbox\Newsletters (QuickFile) to your Today page too as shown in the image above..

Do you have other clever uses of the Outlook Today page. Please let us know by leaving a comment on this page.

The Easy Way to Enable Disabled Addins in Outlook

By standss - Comments ( 1 ) Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Did you know that there is a built-in feature in Outlook that disables addins automatically?

Have you come across a time when you open Outlook in the morning only to find that your favourite outlook addin is missing from the toolbar/ribbon?

There is no need to panic, this post shows you simple steps you can follow to enable the disabled addins.

The steps will differ slightly based on the version of Outlook you are using:

In Outlook 2003

  • Open Outlook
  • Click Help on the menu bar >About Microsoft Outlook
  • Click the Disabled Items button
  • Select the file related to the addin
  • Click Enable
  • Restart Outlook

In Outlook 2007:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click Help on the menu bar >Disabled items…
  • Select the file related to the addin
  • Click Enable
  • Restart Outlook

In Outlook 2010

  • Open Outlook
  • Click the File tab >Options
  • Click Addins from the right panel
  • From the Manage: drop-down list, select Disabled items and click the Go button
  • Select the file related to the addin
  • Click Enable
  • Restart Outlook

This should now enable the disabled addin.

Hope you will not panic the next time an addin is disabled, enabling it will only take you a few clicks.

Let us know if this tip is helpful by leaving a comment below

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Flooding in Fiji… and Easter

By standss - Comments ( 5 ) Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

A quick blog post to wish all readers a Happy Easter… and to thank you all for your support during the current natural disaster in Fiji. Many readers are aware that we are based in the beautiful tropical islands of Fiji.

Over the last week we have had very heavy rainfall that has resulted in severe flooding in many part of the country.  Thousands of people have been left homeless. We will be contributing to several charities over the next few weeks to assist those in need.

We could show you many pictures of the destruction but instead we’d like to share the following images which show the strong and happy character of the people of our country… even in the most difficult of times.

Flood image

...sharing kava... rain or shine

Flood images

... a bathtub boat and rake paddle

We were very fortunate here in Suva that we were spared from the worst of it. However the heavy rains and flooding brought down one of the main power supply lines to the city (most of our power comes from a Hydropower station).

The authorities are doing the best to rectify the problem and it is estimated that power will be back to normal early next week. This is taking time because the problem area has been difficult to access until now.

In the meantime, they are supplying power to Suva using backup generators. Unfortunately due to demand, power is rationed to different part of the city at different times.

As a result, we have not had a constant supply of electricity for the last few days.

I would like to firstly thank my team here at Standss who have helped out in any way they can to ensure that all customers keep getting the level of support that you are used to. Various team members have worked either from their homes or from other offices (depending on where electricity was available at the time).

I would also like to thank all our customers who have been patient in the few occasions that there have been delays.

As always… thank you for your support. We wish you the best for Easter and look forward to things returning back to normal next week.

More on the flood in Fiji

Floods 3-4 times worse than 2009: PM

Record rain led to severe flood: Fiji Met


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Ignore Conversations in Outlook 2010

By standss - Comments ( 1 ) Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Have you used the Ignore Conversations feature in Outlook 2010. Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 have the ability to view emails by conversations that most readers are already familiar with.

Outlook 2010 added an interesting new twist to this… you can right click over an email and then click Ignore.

The selected email (and all future emails that are part of the same thread/conversation) will automatically be Deleted (moved to the deleted items folder).

You will never be bothered by that particular conversation again!

I have to be honest… I don’t use the feature much myself but I can think of the following situations where it will be useful:

  1. You have been CCed on an email in which you are really not interested. The email had many recipients and a “discussion” has started with everyone doing Reply-to-All
  2. You are part of an email mailing list and a topic is being discussed in which you have little interest. In this situation, everyone in the mailing list gets a copy even though their names are not specifically in the To or CC fields. You don’t want to unsubscribe as there will be other current or future topics that you want to be part of. The solution… use Outlook to ignore just this topic.

Have you used the Ignore Conversation feature. Do you find it useful? Are there other Conversation View features that are better? Let us know by leaving a comment on the blog.

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