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Office 2013 is now available – What you need to know

By standss - Comments ( 1 ) Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Office 2013 was officially released by Microsoft on January 29th 2013. We have been testing Office 2013 for a few months now and I have replaced Office 2010 on my main work computer a few days ago as well.

Here is a summary of what I think are the main points as well as some links to a few more detailed reviews:

1.   Office 2013 is stable and works well. I haven’t had any major crashes since using it.
2.   While Office 2013 is nice, I don’t see any major reasons for upgrading just yet if you’re already a Office 2010 user. I didn’t find that many new features that I absolutely could not live without now that I am used to it.
3.   The major change in Office 2013 when compared with previous versions of office is PRICING! Office is available in both standalone and subscription pricing now.
4.   Be careful if you purchase the standalone version! The license allows you to install it on ONE computer only and you CANNOT transfer it to a new computer later.
5.  The Subscription version can be installed on up to 5 devices (depending on whether you are purchasing for Home or Business use).

You can find more detailed information at the following links:

TechRepublic: Microsoft Office 2013 is now available

Office Watch: Office 2013 Section

There is a lot of really useful information on the Office Watch site.

I will also do more blog posts on the new features in Outlook 2013 in the upcoming weeks.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you tried Office 2013? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment on the blog.

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Better Search in Outlook

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

I like using Instant Search in Outlook 2007, 2010 and now in Outlook 2013. Most times Search will find what you want. Here’s a quick tip that you can use to refine searches so that you don’t have to scroll through search results looking for that one email you need.

The tip shows you can refine search results by using AND, NOT and OR in the Instant Search box.

The following examples help illustrate how to use them to improve your own searches.

Type To Find
James This will find all emails with the word James in it (it doesn’t matter if your type James or james or captialise the word any other way)
James Smith This will find all emails with both the words James and Smith in them. The words do not have to be together or in any particular order.
James AND Smith This will find all emails with both the words James and Smith in them. The words do not have to be together or in that order.NOTE: The word AND must be in capital letters!
“James Smith” This will find any emails with the phrase “James Smith” in them. The two words will need to be together and in that order. Capitalisation does not matter.
James OR Smith This will find any emails with either or both the words in them. NOTE: The word OR must be in capital letters!
James NOT Smith This will find any emails with the words James in them but only if the email does not have the word Smith in it as well.NOTE: The word NOT must be in capital letters!

I have found this simple tip very handy since I started using Email Tags for Outlook which is built on Outlook’s category and Instant Search features.

For example: I can type category:=”Project X” AND “James Smith” to show me all emails for Project X that I sent to or received from James Smith. This is very useful if there are a lot of emails for Project X that are not from James Smith. It means I have to scroll through a much small list to quickly find what I want.

Try it out for yourself. You’ll be surprised how useful such a simple tip can be.

Do you have any other Outlook Search tricks of your own? Share it with other readers by leaving a comment.

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Update: Send Guard for Outlook 1.0.136

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Monday, January 14th, 2013

A minor update for Send Guard for Outlook has been released. You don’t need to update unless any of these issues affect you.

Installation on Outlook 2013: There was an error message when installing Send Guard with Outlook 2013. This error has been fixed.

Send Guard interaction with Email Tags and Email Notes: Send Guard displayed error messages for some users when used with Email Tags for Outlook and/or Email Notes for Outlook. These errors have now been fixed.

Send Guard Toolbar/Ribbon: Shifted Send Guard menu from Addins to Standss Outlook Addins tab.

If you have any other issues or suggestions in Send Guard for Outlook that you want us to look at, please email us at

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The People YOU Helped Us Help in 2012

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Monday, January 14th, 2013

As we start 2013, I would like to write a short post to tell us how you have helped us to help others who were not as fortunate as us in 2012.

Our long term readers and customers know that we give a portion of our sales to various charities here in Fiji. Our focus is normally on education and health based projects for children.

This year we were privileged to support the following organizations that work so selflessly to serve the less fortunate in our country,

Save the Children Fiji (SCF): We have had a close association with SCF over the years and I currently serve as a member of their Board. We made several donations to SCF this year with the main one to their Education Assistance Program.

What is the Education Assistance Program? The Fiji Government has over the last few years tried to make education accessible to all children by removing school fees and providing text books to all. Despite this many children in Fiji find it difficult to attend school because their parents are unable to provide other basic school supplies such as stationery. SCF has run a project over the last few years to supply these essentials so that the education of children will not be affected due to (hopefully) temporary economic hardships faced by families.

Fiji Crippled Children’s Society:  I know… they could do with a name change to something that is a little more sensitive to the feelings of the children they serve. That being said… this organization does serve a very important and often neglected group of children in our community… and they have been doing it very well for many years.

The Society has a special school (Hilton School) which also includes boarding facilities for a small group of children which we have been privileged to support.

Fiji Children’s Treatment Fund: This is a fairly new organization in Fiji. Their aim is to provide financial support to parents of children with serious (sometimes terminal) illnesses who are unable to pay for the necessary treatment.

I have little children of my own (two boys… 10 and 8). It is difficult to even imagine the feelings a parent will go through knowing their child is going through pain that could easily be reduced if they only had the money.

Home of Compassion: The Home of Compassion is a home for the elderly and is run by Catholic Sisters. They do a fantastic job of making the people they serve feel like part of a family.

I was introduced to this organization because my wife’s aunt is one of the Sisters at the Home of Compassion. As a result I have had the privilege of visiting the home on several occasions to witness that this is not a ”home” in name only.

Looking at the list… our team feels happy and humbled that there are organizations like these… with dedicated people whose primary goal is to be of service to others.

We truly appreciate what they are doing and the opportunity that that they have given us to contribute to their great work.

But we know that our contributions have only been possible because of YOU.

It is the money that you have spent on our products that has made it possible for us to give something back.

From the whole team here at Standss, we THANK YOU all for being with us over the years, for using our products, for helping us as a company, and for giving us the opportunity to serve our community.

We wish you a Very Happy New Year… and we look forward to serving you even better in the years ahead.

Best Regards,
Sanjay Singh and Your Outlook Team at Standss | |

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