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Outlook 2016 Compatible Addins from Standss

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Monday, September 28th, 2015

Microsoft released Microsoft Office 2016 (which includes Outlook 2016) on September 22nd. Since then our support team has had many requests from users asking if the Standss Outlook addins (that they rely on for their work) are compatible with the latest release.

I am happy to report that we have uploaded updated versions of Email Merge Pro for Outlook, QuickFile for Outlook, Email Tags for Outlook, Send Guard for Outlook and eeminders for Outlook to our website.

Note: These upgrades do not have new features and the only changes in them are for problems discovered with Outlook 2016.

You only need to download these updates IF you have upgraded to Outlook 2016.

Please remember that Outlook 2016 is still very new and we have had limited time to test the addins out with the latest release by Microsoft. The team worked on this last week and over the weekend.

We believe that we have fixed all problems that may exist but if you do have any issues, please email our support team at

Also our apologies for not releasing this earlier. Microsoft released this rather quietly, without any of the normal marketing announcements. Luckily we had already been testing and upgrading the addins with the preview version so the changes were fairly quick and easy.

Finally I would like to thank the customers who emailed us for information and then helped to test this out with my team.

Your continued support and kind words motivates us to create better products that (hopefully) help you and your business.

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Windows 10 stops Outlook Emails from Sending (Solved) – Error 0x800ccc13

By standss - Comments ( 4 ) Monday, September 7th, 2015

Many users around the web have reported that Outlook 2013 stops sending emails after they upgraded their computers to Windows 10. The emails simply sit in the Outbox. The following steps can be used to solve the problem:

Description of Problem

After upgrading to Windows 10, Outlook 2013 can no longer send out emails. The email stay in your Outbox and the following error is displayed.

Error 0x800CCC13 Cannot connect to the network

(For some reason doing a test Send & Receive from the Outlook Account Settings screen still works!!… but most real emails will not go out).


It appears that (on some computers) the upgrade to Windows 10 corrupts a few settings files that are used by Outlook. You can use the following steps to fix the problem.

Quit Outlook.

In the Windows Search Bar, type CMD. You should now see Command Prompt displayed in the search results.

Right Click and click Run as Administrator. A command prompt (C:\<some_path>\> will be displayed.

Type SFC /scannow and press enter.

The scan will take some time to run but once it is done you should find that your emails start working again.

Did this work for you, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedules in Outlook

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

The Rugby World Cup  2015 will kick off on the 19th of September with the first game between Fiji and England, so for all you rugby fans who would not want to miss a single match, or at least not your favorite teams matches, here’s how you can download the times for all the games into your Outlook Calendar.

1. Make sure that your computer is setup to the correct time zone. This step is important to ensure that the game time gets shown at the correct time depending on where in the world you are. Go to the Windows Control Panel and open Date and Time.


(Your screen may be slightly different depending on the version of windows… it may have a separate tab for Time Zone).

Make sure that the correct Time Zone is displayed i.e. the time zone of where YOU are. (I am in Fiji so the screen shot above says Fiji). Click on Change time zone if you need to.

2. Click on the link below to download the Rugby World Cup 2015 schedules:
Download Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule

* Click on the ADD TO CALENDAR button
* On the pop-up screen, select if you would like the schedule for all teams or for your favorite team only
* Click on the Outlook button. Outlook will automatically open
* In the popup, click Yes
* The new calendar will be added to the panel on the left

The times for all the games will now be in your Outlook.

Enjoy the games and may the best team win.

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