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FIX: Outlook 2010 Patch Problem (Opens in Safe Mode)

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Monday, December 14th, 2015

If you are using Outlook 2010 and have suddenly found that it only opens in Safe Mode then your computer probably installed Microsoft’s latest patch. Here’s what you need to do to fix it.

The (faulty) December 2015 Patch (KB 3114409) which is causing the problem was actually released to stop a problem where Outlook 2010 was starting in Safe Mode for some users. Instead it did the opposite… it is FORCING Outlook 2010 into Safe Mode.

The faulty patch has been taken down from Microsoft’s website but if you are experiencing the problem, it means that the update has already been downloaded and installed on to your computer.

How to uninstall the update

  1. Go to the KB3114409 page on Microsoft’s website.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section titled More Information which has a subsection on How to uninstall this update.


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Controlling where Outlook Searches

By standss - Comments ( 1 ) Monday, December 14th, 2015

I recently upgraded to Outlook 2016 and to my annoyance discovered that Microsoft had reset where Outlook searches from my own customized settings.

I find that Outlook Search (since Outlook 2010) is very useful to quickly find emails but I don’t like the default setting that Microsoft has set which is…

When you do a Search, Outlook will search only in the folder you are in… unless you are in the Inbox. If you do a Search from the Inbox then Outlook will search the entire Mailbox and display the results there.

This doesn’t work for me because when I do a Search from my Inbox, I am generally looking for an email that I know is actually in the Inbox. I don’t want the results cluttered with items in other folders.

Changing Default Search Settings

Here’s what you can do to make Outlook search in the Inbox like any other folder i.e. just search in that folder.

Click File-Options.

Select the Search tab and then click Current Folder as shown below. I have left all other options as they are but you may wish to tweak other settings too.


Now when you do a Search from the Inbox (or any other folder), the results will be from that folder only.

What if you want to occasionally search other folders too (without changing the settings)?

Type your Search text in the Search box like you normally would. Then click the little arrow on the right of the Search box and choose where you want the wider Search to take place.


I hope you found this tip useful. Please share your own ways of tweaking Outlook Search in the comments below.


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Email Templates for your Holiday Emails and Invites

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Wednesday, December 9th, 2015


In this post we show you How to send out Personalized, Individually Addressed Invites and Holiday Emails to your friends, family and business contacts… PLUS we give you free Holiday themed Outlook templates to send better looking emails out today.

Most companies send out invitations or newsletters during the year end to update their clients/members of the achievement for the year, plans for the New Year, and special offers for the holiday seasons etc. You may also want to send out invitations to cocktail parties etc.

While the free templates can be used directly from Outlook, the steps below will show you how to use the Email Merge Pro for Outlook addin with these templates.

Why send it out this way?

Using Email Merge, you only need to write your email once. The software will then (from inside Outlook) send a separate copy to each person… with each email personally addressed with only their name in the To field (and even their name in the body of the actual email if you want)

This is better than stuffing everyone’s name in the To, CC or BCC fields of one email because:

  1. Your emails look more professional and personal. Recipients feel like that you have given them special attention.
  2. You email is more likely to get past spam filters and not end up in the Clutter or Junk Mail folders.
  3. Personalized emails can have up to 3x the conversion rates (if you want the reader to take some action like clicking on a link etc).

Seeing is believing so check out the short video on this page on using EmailMerge Pro.

Let’s get started…

Downloading the Christmas Templates

If you haven’t done so yet, download and install Email Merge Pro for Outlook.

Once you have Email Merge installed…

Click here to download the Outlook Holiday Templates. Save the file to your desktop or other convenient location on your computer (This will be a zip file. You do NOT need to unzip it).

Start Outlook and go to your Inbox.

Click the little arrow under Email Merge on the ribbon and then click Template Manager (to display Email Merge’s built-in template manager)

Click the Import button and select the zip file that was downloaded in one of the earlier steps.

Click OK. The templates will be imported into your Email Merge for Outlook template list with the names Happy Holidays and Holiday Invite.

Click Close to close the Template Manager

Sending Personalized Emails from Outlook using the Templates

Click the Email Merge button on the Outlook Ribbon.

Select the appropriate template (Happy Holidays or Holiday Invite) from the list on the first step of the Wizard.

Click Next and follow the rest of the steps in the Wizard.

Click Finish.

Happy Holidays from the team at Standss

Merry Christmas to all our readers from the Standss Team.

I hope you find the above information helpful in staying in touch with friends, families and clients this year.

Till next time… have a better Outlook

It’s still not too late to send out your Holiday emails and invites.

Download a fully functional trial version of Email Merge Pro now.


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