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Protect your company from wrongly sent Outlook emails

By standss - Comments ( 0 ) Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

What is the risk to you and your company if an email is accidentally sent to the wrong person? It’s easy to make this mistake (thank you AutoComplete) and the internet is full of horror stories of the consequences.

SendGuard for Outlook provides a simple solution to protect yourself and your company.

SendGuard prompts user for confirmation before emails are sent out.

SendGuard for Outlook

  1. Users can immediately see who the email is going out to. External recipients are highlighted in red as an extra warning.
  2. Send Guard highlights that the email is going multiple domains (can also optionally show an extra prompt)
  3. The prompt can be branded with with your company logo
  4. The prompt can link to relevant corporate email policies
  5. Users also have to review a list of attachments before emails are sent out (attachments can be removed and renamed directly from here)

Extra Protection for the Organization: SendGuard can log details if users click Yes to send the email

SendGuard can be setup to log the necessary details to the Window log or a text file whenever a user click Yes on the prompt.

This can provides additional protection as proof that the organization took adequate steps to minimise the risk of wrongly addressed emails.

SendGuard has many additional powerful features to protect your company from confidential information accidentally being sent to the wrong recipients. This includes Reply-All filtering and a Rules engine that can be used to define your own special checks on emails before they are sent out.

If your organization works with confidential information, click here to find out more about protecting yourself with Send Guard for Outlook.

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