Warning: Your Facebook Picture showing up in people’s Outlook

By standss · Comments ( 0 ) Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Today I received an email from someone I regularly do work with. When I clicked on the email, Outlook automatically showed me his Facebook profile picture… semi-drunk drinking rum straight from the bottle? He didn’t show me the picture, Outlook (not Facebook) just showed it to me!

Do you use Facebook? If you do, make sure that you have a good profile picture that you are happy for your business contacts to see. Why? Because it’s showing up in their Outlook every time you send them an email… thanks to the Facebook Social Media connector for Outlook (which is available as a  free download).

Once you have the Facebook connector installed, you will automatically see people’s Facebook profile pictures whenever you view an email to or from them…. and they don’t even have to be your Facebook friend to see your picture inside Outlook!

That means that everyone you email can see your Facebook picture… without going to Facebook… inside Outlook… and without being your Facebook friend!

Facebook profile picture

Is your current Facebook profile picture appropriate for your business contacts?

If not update it now… and let your colleagues know if their pictures are unflattering.

You can try out the Outlook Facebook connector for yourself from this link. It works in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. For Outlook 2013 users, it comes pre-installed.

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