How to avoid “False Attachment Triggers” while using SendGuard.

By standss Monday, April 30th, 2018

SendGuard can scan emails and warn you if you have forgotten to attach a file that you intended to send. It does this by checking for words such as “attachment” in the email.

What do you do if you have some of those trigger words as part of your signature or disclaimer?

You can follow the short steps listed below to avoid triggering false alerts.

How to tell SendGuard to not check Signatures and Disclaimers

Start Outlook

Go to the “Standss Outlook Addins” Tab

Select More -> Setting -> Send Confirm Pro (Attachment Guard)

Go to Advanced Setting to avoid false triggers as shown below:

SendGuard Setting Screen

Attachment Guard Advance setting screen will pop up as shown below:

Attachment Guard Advance Settings Screen

In Ignore Text section, tick Ignore words if within special text block (Signature, Disclaimers etc.)

In the box below enter your full email privacy message (etc) from your signature as shown above and click Save.

Click OK to close the Setting screen.


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