How to identify emails that have been copied to NetDocuments

By standss Monday, October 30th, 2017

How can you be sure that an email has been copied from Outlook to NetDocuments? We added two features to MailSync for NetDocuments and Outlook to give you this information quickly.

MailSync for NetDocuments and Outlook allows users to map Outlook folders to NetDocuments workspaces. This means that any emails you move to folders you have created in Outlook will automatically be copied and profiled correctly in NetDocuments.

You don’t need to do anything extra to copy the email over to NetDocuments.

Click here to see how you can map Outlook folders to NetDocuments so that emails are copied over automatically.

Users requested for a way to quickly identify if an email has been copied to NetDocuments. We gave them two.

Once an email is copied over, MailSync adds the category MailSynced to NetDocuments to it. The category is displayed as a purple tag to the email and is easy to spot at a glance.
This feature can be turned off from the settings screen if you want.

You can also go the folder where the email is filed, right click on the email (in the list of emails) and click MailSync Where Filed?. MailSync will display a small prompt similar to the following.
This not only confirms that the email has been filed, but also where in NetDocuments you can find it.

We thank our users for their constant stream of ideas that allow us to help solve your problems. We trust that you fill find these feature useful too (and if your own suggestions, please contact us at

If your firm is using NetDocuments and you need an easy way to get emails from Outlook to NetDocuments, download a trial of MailSync for NetDocuments and Outlook today.

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