Volume Licensing and Support for Corporate Customers

We have volume discounts and priority support options for our corporate clients. We provide the following for volume purchases (50 licenses or more) at no extra cost:

  • Customized MSI with all your preset defaults so that the software can be deployed with your required settings
  • Ability to disable user settings to prevent users from disabling settings
  • Network Deployment Guide plus support to IT team during deployment
  • Email, Phone-In and Remote Connection Support
  • Priority Support options

Please contact us at sales@standss.com for a quote, a copy of our Network Deployment Guide or any other information that you need.


One of the best companies with which I have dealt. Great customer service. They never standstill or rest on their laurels.

- Mark E. Leipold

offers timely and responsive support of every product they have created. Every company should strive to deliver customer and tech support the way this company does.

- Dennis M. Najjar, CPA, Co-Founder, AccountingDepartment.com, LLC