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Getting Started with EmailMerge
Watch this 8-Minute Getting Started Video for a quick introduction to the basics of EmailMerge (including merging emails, sending and filing emails and finding emails and folders
7:46 min


How can you View and Use the Tracking Information.
This video shows you how to track who has opened and clicked on the emails you sent out. It shows you how to use the tracking information to send follow-up merges only to those who have opened, not opened, clicked or not clicked.
5:30 min


How to Track Normal (Non-Merge) Emails?
Track any or selected emails sent from Outlook. Get notified whenever someone opens or clicks.
1:00 min


How to track Merged Emails from Outlook?
Use Email Caddie to track mail merges sent out using Email Merge Pro for Outlook.
Use built-in reports to see exactly who has opened or clicked on emails.
1:32 min


Outlook Remerge: Sending Follow-up Merges based on Tracking Data.
Increase response rates and sales by sending follow-up merges from Email Merge Pro for Outlook. Follow-up merges can be to people who opened, did not open, clicked or did not click.
1:13 min














Articles/Blog Posts

Email Merge a different file to each person in Outlook.
Some customers like to send different files to different recipients in a bulk. With EmailMerge you have the capability to send different files to different recipients. This post show how you can do that and why it is important.


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