EmailMerge: How to Email Merge from Outlook

Send Your First Email Blast Using EmailMerge for Outlook’s Easy-to-Use Wizard

Use Microsoft ® Outlook ® to Create Personalized Invitations and Greetings - In 5 Minutes or Less!

You only need to know how to click ONE Button. EmailMerge is very easy to use and will take you step-by-step through anything else that you need to do.

Below are some easy steps on how to email merge. Click on the little arrow beside the Email Merge button on the Toolbar/Ribbon in the Inbox:

out Outlook 2016/2013/2010
out Outlook 2007

Step: Which Email do you want to Send to Your List?

You can choose whether to start your email merge process with a Blank email or select an Email template (pre-set email) you created.


Select your email and Click Next


Step:Locate your Contact Source

Email Merge provides you with 7 choices from where you can select your contacts from both inside Outlook and external files.


Select your contact source and Click Next


Step:Where are your Contacts?

This step allows you to select specific Folders/Lists/Sheets/Tables from where you want to load the contacts from. Depending on your choice in the previous step, the below screen will change.


Select your contacts Folders/Lists/Sheets/Tables and Click Next


Step:Select your Contacts

Select (tick) the people to whom you want to send this email.


Click Next


Step:Confirm Your Mailing List

Email Merge will display a list of all contacts you had selected to be added to your current sending list. You can verify and confirm your list here.


Click Next


Step:What if some Contact information is missing?

Here you can define rules for how to Email Merge as Outlook handles missing contact fields.


Click Next


Step:Preview Your Emails

you can create/edit and preview your merged emails before proceeding with the merge


Once your email is ready, Click Next


Step:When and how do you want to send your emails?

Here you can configure some sending options


Click Next


Step:Create and Send Emails

Here you can choose the Email Account to sent the emails from, select where the merged emails should be filed and/or save all your merged emails to the Drafts folder for further verification before sending emails


Click Finish



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