What EmailMerge Customers Say

Email Merge has been such a great help to me. It so easy and quick to use. I have saved many hours because I used to have to send single emails. This caused me to look unprofessional and created many errors. It also took a long time to cut and paste into new emails to get close to what Email Merge does. In addition, to be able to categorize mailing lists and combine them if I want to is such a great feature. Overall Email Merge has given me a professional and respected approach to my business. I have been complimented because of my knowledge of technology but it was primarily due to the ease of use of Email Merge. Thank you for this great product. It does what it says it will do.

- Fred Gardner
Southern California Realty Associates

I have found emailmerge pro the most useful tool in my marketing armoury! It is simple to use, has some great options for sending emails and is of great value to any businesses wanting a mass email facility.

- Lori Hope, Spraytanz Ltd

Email Merge is a tremendous way to quickly merge emails and personalise them to a client base.


I had been looking for some time for an emailer I could use to bulk mail both my Outlook contacts and purchased lists with flexible content. Fortunately, I discovered EmailMerge Pro and in our first mailing generated content that was sufficiently specific that each of 1200 emails appeared to be individually tailored for its recipient. The response was literally overwhelming! A great product.

- Philip Avery
The Business Mechanic

Great piece of mail merge software and just love the fact that it works off an Excel list! How come no-one else could come up with this simple formula!

- Paul Falvey

I thought EmailMerge Pro was my most useful Outlook add-on – but EmailCaddie takes it to a whole new level.
What a fabulous piece of software, no more ‘I didn’t receive your email’ excuses! I also use EmailMerge Pro to send to several membership lists, again EmailCaddie will be indispensable to ensure everyone is up to date and informed – my days of guessing are over!

- Kevan Goddard

EmailMerge Pro allowed me to request personal information changes by sending what I had on file to each member. I feel I got a higher percentage of responses due the personalization of the email.

- Larry Klein, Costa Mesa
Southern California Realty Associates

Great product, easy to use, economical. I've recommended to my clients.

- Oliver Lindsaar
Total Network Support Pty ltd
Melbourne, Australia

Email Merge Pro meets exceeds our expectations! It's easy to use, it integrates with Microsoft Access and it's now integrated with Microsoft Outlook Connector. It's a great product if you're looking to reduce your costs and have the ability to communicate to a large audience, immediately. Way to go EmailMerge Team!

- Chuck Coleman, Springfield, IL
Southern California Realty Associates

Emailmerge Pro is a fantastic tool to personalize emails for large or small groups of people. The ability to mail merge gives you unlimited abilities to create very personalized emails. I use it to improve communication to groups ranging from 8 - 1000+.

- Jack Fiscus
first Baptist Orlando

Easy to use, reliable and convenient. Have used for many years and wouldn't want to be without EmailMerge Pro.

- Cary Harwin
Yucca Valley, Ca. USA

This program has allowed me to communicate with may people in a easy manner I look after a number of business interests and can run it all from my lap top

- Andrew White
Navigo Sales and Marketing
Yarrow British Columbia

It was too easy--google it, find it, download it, use it! Never looked back! Gives the reader the feel of a personal letter by using the customer's name ijn the body of the message.

- Steven Delit
RE/MAX Living

Easy to use. Easy to learn.

- Marion Ballard
Washington Area Women's Foundation

The support for this product is incredible... just great.

- Dennis A. Sanford

Very easy to use, great integration into Outlook, definitely recommended.

- Ryan Brown
VCS Products

we would not have survived in business without email merge pro

- Rory McGeough
Pronto Safety

I use both EmailMerge and FaxMerge regularly to communicate with our members. I can thus avoid the problems with merges in Word and quickly put together blast emails and faxes that otherwise would simply be impossible.

- Mark Fotheringham
Utah Medical Association

For our small business, it has made mass emailing so much easier, and more personal!

- Peggy Gates
Colva, Inc.

EmailMerge delivers the flexibilty and ease of use that we didn't find in other products that we tested.

- Andrew Dickenson
Newbury, UK

Very simply, EmailMerge Pro is just so easy to use. It has lightened my workload.

- Dave Bagshaw
South West Notts Scout District, Nottinghamshire

When I purchased EmailMerge I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use, very intuitive. I was up and running in no time at all.

- David Crainean
Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria

EmailMerge is competitavley priced versatile and very easy to use

- David Smith
Sculthorpe Moor Community Nature Reserve

Sending a mass email wrongly can have a real detrimental effect on your reputation and detract from the point of the email, besides potentially breaching the Data Protection Act. EmailMerge really helps reduce the risk of that in an easy user friendly way.

- Peter Taaffe
Bresnan Walsh

I have found that a person email gets the best response. This product is the best way to reach and communicate with my customer base on an individual bases. It makes my customer feel special and singled out as important.

- James OMarr

Very simply, EmailMerge Pro is just so easy to use. It has lightened my workload.

- Dave Bagshaw
South West Notts Scout District, Nottinghamshire