MailSync for NetDocuments & Outlook

How to save emails from Outlook to NetDocuments
without needing users to do any extra work

  • Automatically Save/Profile emails from Outlook to NetDocuments

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Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 & Office 365

Installs inside Outlook

MailSync installs inside Outlook and users can access it from the Outlook ribbon... or they can right click over a folder.

Map Outlook Folders to nd Workspaces or Folders

Right click on any Outlook folder and quickly map it to a corresponding NetDocuments folder or Workspace. Existing emails in the folder will be copied over if they want. You can also choose to make your emails Private so others cannot see it in NetDocuments

New emails added to Outlook folders are automatically copied to NetDocuments

Once a folder is mapped, users do not need to do anything extra. Any email added to the folder is automatically copied over to the related NetDocuments workspace or folder..

See if and where emails have been filed

Emails are clearly marked in Outlook so users know which emails have been copied over to NetDocuments… and where.

No waiting! Continue using Outlook while copying takes place.

MailSync does not lock up Outlook when there are many emails to copy over. Instead the emails are added a queue and copied over in the background while you continue to work in Outlook. You don't have to wait!

Built-in De-Duplication

MailSync's uses a built-in search and replace algorithm to (where possible) avoid putting multiple copies of the same email on the server. This saves server space and also makes user searches more productive.

Visual indication of mapped folders

It is easy to know if a folder has been mapped over the NetDocuments because MailSync adds (nd) to the end of the folder name. This feature can be turned off or you can choose to add your own text.

Visual indication of copied emails

Emails that have been copied over to NetDocuments can easily be identified in Outlook as they will have a clear visible purple category added to them. This feature can be turned off if required.

You can also right click over an email an click MailSync: Where filed? To see where in NetDocuments an email has been filed.

Custom Deployment/Rules for Corporate Environments

The MailSync MSI can be customised for easier deployment and with special filing rules to ensure that emails are filed with all necessary attributes for easier retrieval later.

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Outlook 2010/2013/2016 & Office 365

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