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MailSync for NetDocuments & Outlook

How to ensure emails are filed in BOTH Outlook and NetDocuments without abandoning your Outlook based filing structures

MailSync for Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 & Office 365

MailSync Features

Map Outlook Folders to nd Workspaces or Folders

Right click on any Outlook folder and quickly map it to a corresponding NetDocuments folder or Workspace. Existing emails in the folder will be copied over if they want. You can also choose to make your emails Private so others cannot see it in NetDocuments

Designed for Busy Professionals (Use existing folders!)

MailSync recognizes that busy professionals use their Outlook based folders for more than just archiving. They is also an invaluable part of your work process for serving your customers.

With MailSync, you can continue using your existing Outlook email folders and the emails get filed to NetDocuments automatically.

You don't need to change (or file the same email twice)!

Designed for Organizations

Organizations need ALL emails to be filed into NetDocuments but…

Emails are more likely to be uploaded to NetDocuments if you don’t ask users to change what they are used to (or get in the way of them doing their real work).

It is usually a challenge for organization to get users to file their emails into NetDocuments because they need to file each email twice (once in Outlook and again in NetDocuments).

MailSync solves this problem since emails get copied over automatically.

Designed for Collaboration

NetDocuments can now serve as a more powerful information sharing and collaboration tool since emails are more likely to be uploaded soon after they are sent or received i.e. the information inside NetDocuments is more likely to be complete and reliable.

Without MailSync many emails may not be uploaded (or bulk uploaded when a case/project is closed).

No waiting! Continue using Outlook while copying takes place

We recognize that Outlook is an essential tool for lawyers and other professionals. MailSync has been optimized for performance so that you can continue to send and receive emails while email transfers are carried out in the background.

Built-in De-Duplication

MailSync uses a built-in search and replace algorithm to (where possible) avoid putting multiple copies of the same email on the server. This saves server space and also makes user search more productive.

Custom Deployment/Rules for Corporate Environments

The MailSync MSI can be customised for easier deployment and with special filing rules to ensure that emails are filed with all necessary attributes for easier retrieval later.

Trusted Software from a Microsoft Partner

Standss has been providing Outlook based solutions to businesses since 2002. Our developers and support team have experience with both Outlook and NetDocuments and are ready to serve you today.

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