QuickFile FAQ's

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The following are the main questions asked by QuickFile users wondering how to QuickFile. Please e-mail us at support@standss.com if your question is not answered below.


Will QuickFile work with Windows 8 machine?

QuickFile version 3.x is fully compatible with Windows 8. All versions of our software work with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What versions of Outlook does this software work with?

QuickFile can be used with Outlook 2013(32 bit), 2010(32 bit), 2007, 2003, 2002/XP and 2000.

Installation and Registration

How can I get an executable copy of QuickFile to install on my computer?

Click on the link below to download QuickFile:

How can I register QuickFile on my computer?
I get an error message saying “Registration Unsuccessful” while activating QuickFile?

This error normally occurs if you are either:
     1. Entering your unlock code or name incorrectly or
     2. Have installed the wrong software.
Click here for detailed instructions to solve this problem.

I get an error message “The unlock code has already been activated on another computer.” while activating EmailMerge?

Each license of QuickFile can be used on one computer only.
If you are installing the software on the same computer and this message appears, please contact our support team with details. If you wish to transfer your license from one computer to another (e.g. you have purchased a new computer), click here for instructions on transferring licenses between computers.

License Enquiries

I have misplaced my unlock code. How can I retrieve my registration information?

Click here and follow the instructions on the page to retrieve your unlock code.

How do I transfer my license from one computer to another?

To transfer a license from one computer to another, you need to deactivate it on the first computer before it can be activated on the second.
To deactivate please follow the steps below:

   - From Microsoft Outlook, select the Tools menu.
   - Choose Standss > QuickFile.
   - Click About QuickFile
   - Click the Deactivate button to deactivate.

You will now be able to install the software on another computer and activate it again.

I need to reformat my computer. Will my unlock code still work after reformatting.

Please deactivate your software first before formatting your computer. This will enable you to install and activate again after formatting.
To deactivate please follow the steps below:

   - From Microsoft Outlook, select the Tools menu.
   - Choose Standss > QuickFile.
   - Click About QuickFile
   - Click the Deactivate button to deactivate.

General Questions

Can I use Microsoft® Word® as my email editor?

QuickFile supports Word as an e-mail editor in Outlook 2002, 2003 and 2007.

Does QuickFile for Outlook work with Outlook Express?

No. QuickFile for Outlook works with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and later.

What is the difference between QuickFile PRO edition and QuickFile Standard edition?

Click here to view the difference between QuickFile PRO and QuickFile Standard.

How do I turn off tool tips in QuickFile?

To turn off tool tips in QuickFile:
Click the Don't show tips link on the tool tip itself
1. Go to Inbox -> Tools menu -> Standss -> QuickFile -> Click Settings...
2. Goto View tab
3. Un-tick Show Tips on all screens option under Other Settings
4. Click OK

Can I use keyboard shortcuts for filing emails?
How do I use Auto-QuickFile?

Click Auto-QuickFile and follow on-screen instructions to automatically file emails from that particular email address to a folder.
Note: Unread e-mails will not be automatically filed.

In order to use the Auto-QuickFile feature, you must create default shortcuts.
Click here for instructions on creating default shortcuts

I have installed QuickFile but cannot see the QuickFile toolbar in Outlook.

Restart Microsoft Outlook. The toolbar should be visible. If you still cannot see the toolbar then restart your computer and then open Outlook. If the toolbar is still not visible then see the answer to the next question.

QuickFile was working on my computer but for some reason I can no longer see the toolbar.

Start Outlook and re-enable QuickFile by doing the following:

If you are using Outlook 2002 and 2003:
   - Start Outlook
   - Select Help -> About Microsoft Outlook
   - Click Disable Items button
   - Select QuickFile
   - Click Enable

If you are using Outlook 2007:
   - Start Outlook -> Go to Inbox
   - Select Help -> Click Disable Items
   - On the screen that appears, select QuickFile
   - Click Enable

If you are using Outlook 2010:
   - Start Outlook -> Go to Inbox
   - Click File tab
   - Click Options
   - Click on Add-Ins on the left column
   - Select Disabled Items for the Manage drop-down
   - Click Go
   - Select QuickFile
   - Click Enable

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QuickFile is nimble and a genuine time-saver ... It is saving me many hours of work in a month and my emails are nicely organized.

- Flávio Zarur Lucarelli

Using the Rules to auto file can mean missing some important items. By using QuickFile, everything comes into my inbox and can be seen, then quickly moved to the appropriate subfolder. Items are seen and dealt with and not lost, as before.

- David S. Roberts, United Kingdom

It's faster, easier and more efficient than building mail rules and it can keep tabs on email from each of your contacts.

- Rose Vines, Sydney Morning Herald

QuickFile has changed my morning e-mail from a dreaded chore to a task that can be dealt with briskly.

- Anita Harrell, Virginia, USA

Very handy program. Use it every day at work.

- Miles C. Seifert, P.E.

QuickFile is invaluable: using it speeds up the handling of e-mail, allowing me to read and file, or send and file, in much less time than it used to take using Outlook on its own. Great product and great value for money

- David Smith, United Kingdom