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Getting Started with QuickFile
Watch this 5-Minute Getting Started Video for a quick introduction to the basics of QuickFile (including filing received emails, sending and filing emails and finding emails and folders
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Articles/Blog Posts

The right way to file Sent Emails (Move vs Copy)
Some customers like to move emails from the Sent Items to dedicated client/project folders. Others want to file a copy and leave another copy in the Sent Items folder. This post compares the two and shows you how to configure QuickFile for what you want.


QuickFile is the most useful Outlook add-in I’ve ever used!

- Don LaVange, NetDocuments, Utah-USA

QuickFile is nimble and a genuine time-saver ... It is saving me many hours of work in a month and my emails are nicely organized.

- Flávio Zarur Lucarelli

Using the Rules to auto file can mean missing some important items. By using QuickFile, everything comes into my inbox and can be seen, then quickly moved to the appropriate subfolder. Items are seen and dealt with and not lost, as before.

- David S. Roberts, United Kingdom

It's faster, easier and more efficient than building mail rules and it can keep tabs on email from each of your contacts.

- Rose Vines, Sydney Morning Herald

QuickFile has changed my morning e-mail from a dreaded chore to a task that can be dealt with briskly.

- Anita Harrell, Virginia, USA