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Protect your organization from the risks of inappropriate Replies and Reply-Alls 

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Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 & Office 365


What are the costs and risks
of inappropriate Replies and Reply-Alls?

  • Accidental disclosure of confidential (or embarrassing) information to the wrong recipients resulting in annoyed customers, lost clients or litigation
  • Costs associated with time wasted by people (unnecessarily) reading and responding to emails that were replied-all to
  • Extra resources needed to archive emails circulated due to unnecessary Reply-Alls
  • Time wasted resending emails because all relevant people were not kept informed (when a Reply was done where a Reply-All was more appropriate)

Standss Reply Guard for Outlook integrates inside Outlook and
warns you before the mistakes are actually made.

  • Prompts you with a warning message and list of all recipients when you do a Reply-to-All to ensure that you only send the email out to intended recipients.

  • Allows you to change the list of recipients directly from the prompt without having to go back to the email
  • Prompts you with a list of recipients when you do a Reply (to an email with multiple recipients) so that you remember to send the email to other relevant people
  • Allows you (the sender of the email) to disable the ability of recipients to reply-all or forward your emails (depending on version of Outlook/Exchange used by the user)
  • Additional prompt if you were BCCed on an email so that you don’t disclose yourself to other recipients
  • Removes your email address automatically from Reply-Alls so that you don’t get unnecessary copies in your own Inbox

Special features for deployment and support in corporate environments

  • All messages/prompts can be customized based on corporate/legal guidelines and policies.
  • Reply Guard can be deployed with customized settings using Windows Server technology
  • Settings can be locked to prevent changes by users (administrators can still make changes if required)
  • Discount Volume Pricing
  • Priority support options

Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 & Office 365

Reply Guard can be purchased as a separate addin or as a component of Send Guard for Outlook.

Send Guard contains Reply Guard as well as several other layers of protection to ensure that your emails reach only the intended recipients with all necessary information.

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Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 & Office 365


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