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ReplyGuard for Outlook

Protect your company from the risk of Inappropriate Replies and Reply-Alls

ReplyGuard for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & Office 365

What are the costs and risks
of inappropriate Replies and Reply-Alls?

Incorrect use of the Reply-All button can result in embarrassment, waste productive time, waste of your organizations bandwidth and storage space, disclosure of confidential information and potential liability.

Protect Your Company

Avoid accidental disclosure of sensitive information to the wrong people by ensuring that users know exactly who they are sending the email to..

Prompts you with a warning and a list of recipients any time you click Reply or Reply-to-All on an email with multiple recipients

Users get to see exactly who the email is being sent to…
plus they can change recipients without having to go back to the email.

Log user actions to Windows Log or Text Files

Maintain proof (if required) that a warning was displayed to the user and that, if a mistake was made, it was a user error and not organizational negligence.

Choose to disable Reply All and Forward on emails you send out

You can even disable the Reply and Forward button from (selected) emails that you send out (recipients will need be using Outlook too)

Additional warning if you Reply-All on an email on which you were BCCed

The original sender of the email didn't want the others to know that you're getting a copy too!

Control when the prompt is displayed

Stop prompt fatigue by controlling if warnings are displayed for external emails only, internal emails or some other criteria.

Customizable text, policies and links to company policies

Customise the message displayed to the user with links to company policies

Special features for Enterprise Deployment

  • Deploy the software from a central server
  • Modify and deploy new settings centrally when required
  • Lock and hide all (or selected) settings from users

Trusted Software from a Microsoft Partner

Standss has been providing Outlook based solutions to businesses since 2002. Our developers and support team have experience with both Outlook and NetDocuments and are ready to serve you today.

Choose the appropriate version of ReplyGuard or SendGuard based on your security and corporate requirements (The trial version has all features but individual features can be turned on and off as required)









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Reply Guard: Prompt when Reply All clicked
Set filters to control when prompt is displayed (internal emails, external emails etc)
Customisable message on prompt
Lock or hide settings from users
Custom Branding (Logo) and Corporate Policy Link
Log Result to Windows Log or Text File
Prompt to confirm before emails sent out
Prompt when email has attachments
Prompt to confirm when recipients from multiple domains
Prompt for Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers and any definable other text patterns
Send Rules: Run complex rules to prompt or block out-going emails
Attachment Guard: Insert attachment names to emails, rename attachments before sending etc.
Account Guard: Ensure emails is being sent from correct email account
Delay Guard: Delay emails in Outbox so that you can Undo sends
Subject Guard: Clean subject lines of spam markings etc.

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