SendGuard: Upgrade Prices For existing Users

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SendGuard Version 1 SendGuard Version 2 US$ 49.95

What's new in SendGuard version 2?

SendGuard is a collection of guards to ensure that your emails get sent to the intended recipients with all the relevant information. Send Guard includes Reply Guard, SendConfirm, Delay Guard, Subject Guard, Attachment Guard and Account Guard

Improved & Simplified settings screen for deployment and control over Corporate networks.
SendGuard version 2 offers corporate businesses much simpler locking options for SendGuard controls when compared to version 1. Most settings and messages in the software can be easily customized and then deployed across the organization.

Customizable messages based on organizational needs and policies
Many of the SendGuard messages/prompts can be customized to suit your organizational needs or policies. Messages can now be easily customized and deployed based or your legal or other requirements.

Improved highlighting and use of colors to reduce possibility of users clicking OK without reading warning messages.
SendConfirm provides different color coded components of its message to uniquely identify email domains. Domains are highlighted in red for better identification of which email addresses a particular email is being sent to.

Improved filtering in SendConfirm & Delay Guard to reduce prompt fatigue 
You can set filters for when prompts are displayed (e.g. external emails only, specific domains, specific clients etc). Only display prompt for important emails reduces prompt fatigue and increases the probability that users will read the message before clicking OK. These filters can be set and then deployed over the organization.

Reduce risks associated with unnecessary Reply-Alls and Forwards by disabling Forward and Reply-All on emails that you send out
This feature is dependant on the version of Outlook and/or Exchange that the recipient is using. Reply Guard adds check boxes to your Ribbon that you can use so that recipients will not be able to forward or Reply-All to emails (i.e. the Forward and Reply All buttons will be disabled when they receive your emails).

More efficient email scheduling and sending methods. 
Delay Guard is now able to delay emails on minute(s) basis. Work off both inclusion and exclusion list. Send emails marked for delay immediately.

Reduced Delay guard prompt occurrences to minimize prompt fatigue.
Delay Guard now offers less prompts while delaying emails. Users will receive notification of emails beings delayed at specific intervals.

Purchase sub-components of Send Guard based on your organization’s needs.
Previous versions of SendGuard required you to purchase all the guards as a bundle. It is now possible to purchase different guards based on the needs of your organization.

Following purchase options are now available:
Reply Guard, SendConfirm, Delay Guard, SendConfirm & Delay Guard(Bundle), Account Guard & SendGuard

You can still purchase all the guards as SendGuard for a significant discount. SendGuard also includes Attachment Guard and Subject Guard that cannot be purchased separately.


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