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Standss Email Merge PRO for Outlook

... eMailMerge is awesome and saves a lots of time sending your personalized emails.

- Cary Pugh

... is a superb application with an intuitive wizard and user interface

- Raymond Schklar, BA, MBA, IT Consultant & Teacher, Fort Thomas

Standss QuickFile for Outlook

... faster, easier and more efficient than building mail rules ..

- Rose Vines, Sydney Morning Herald

... QuickFile significantly eases the burden of filing email messages.

- Guy S. Saffold, Ed.D. Executive Vice President, Trinity Western University

Standss SendGuard for Outlook

... SendGuard offers 5 tools in one. Best value for the money for an Outlook Add-in that I have ever purchased

- Dennis M. Najjar, CPA

... SendGuard is an “embarrassment saver”

- Edward Scaefer

Standss EmailNotes for Outlook

.. The ability to add notes to emails is indispensable ...

- Simon Freeman, Pendragon Managing Director

LOVING the new product... this new EmailNotes plug-in is my new must-have tool.

- John

Standss EmailTags for Outlook

... One of the most useful software applications we own ... No more lost e-mails, no more trying to figure out which folder I put it in, no time wasted searching for an e-mail.

- Justin Henderson

The product is very simple and fast to use. This is the ultimate productivity improvement for organizing emails quickly.

- Joe Lauria

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