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eeminders increases my work efficiency greatly. An unexpected benefit of eeminders is that my Inbox now seems manageable and I don't feel so pressured or stressed by all the items pending in the Inbox. It makes a surprising difference in how I work.
Eeminders has made a tremendous impact on my daily work. I work so much more efficiently without having to sort through my inbox to find the items that need immediate attention. Eeminders lets me keep my email 'to do' list simplified and organized. It's a terrific value and a 'must have' in these days of business communications almost exclusively by email. And it's a great value!!

- Justin Henderson

Bay Electric

eeminders has quickly risen to the top of my favorites list. I never realized how dependent I was on my Inbox until Standss created a tool that made my Inbox an efficient reminder tool.

- Don L Zahnle

Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage

eeminders is an impressive toolkit that empowers you to bring order to the random inflow of email into your Inbox by letting you to process messages when the time is right for YOU.

- Peter O'Donnell

President, Healthy Futures Group

Together with QuickFile and SendGuard which we have used for a long time, eeminders is a life changing utility.

- Bruno Verschraegen,


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