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The full functionality of eeminders is now available inside QuickFile for Outlook - Pro and Ultimate (eeminders is no longer available as a separate component).

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eeminders Update History

Date Version Details
02-May-2022 1.1.8147 - Minor updates.
04-November-2020 1.1.7566 - Minor updates.
18-September-2019 1.1.7188 - Minor updates and bug fixes
07-August-2019 1.1.7116 - Re-signed the Installation files with new Digital Signature Certificate.
29-May- 2019 1.1.7087 - Changes made to be compatible with QuickFile Version 6
24-May- 2018 1.1.6715 - Minor updates.
16-August- 2017 1.1.6436 - Bug Fix: some of the eeminders features where not working properly on Outlook 2010
31-July- 2017 1.1.6401 - Universal Installer Framework upgraded
4-August-2016 1.1.6060 - Made bug fix for installer
- Other minor bug fixes
29- September - 2015 1.1.5745 - Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013)
07- July - 2014 1.1.5301 - Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
01- May - 2014 1.1.5233 - Bug Fix: On some machines, Outlook security prompt comesup when using eeminders with QuickFile.
22 - April - 2014 1.1.5218 - Bug Fix: Integrated with QuickFile
4 - April - 2014 1.1.5204 - Hide eeminder settings folder
- Integrated with QuickFile version 5.x and above
- Minor bug fixes
30 - September - 2013 1.1.5021 - Updated Installer to detect 32/64 bit of Outlook on the machine.
23 - September - 2013 1.1.5008 - Bug fix: Error messages comes up when doing a Someday or eemind me on encrypted and/or digitally signed email(s).
- Bug fix: Error message comes up when trying to eemind on a search result item in Outlook 2013.
- Other minor bug fixes.
06 - September - 2013 1.1.4997 -NEW! Ability to disable System Tray eeminders notification
-NEW! Ability to copy the received email to set eeminder or to add it to the eeminders Someday list
-NEW! eemind me and add to Someday list options are also available from right-click menu from you Inbox
-NEW! eemind date clear button also available on the right-click menu from your Inbox
-NEW! elp tool-tips available on the eeminders ribbon buttons.
- Bug fix: On 24 hour time system, you are not able to add a time after 12noon on the eemind me screen
- Bug fix: In Outlook 2013, error message comes up if you try to eemind an item on which an inline response is opened.
- Other minor bug fixes
28 - August - 2013 1.1.4988 - Small update for Windows XP users only
27 - August - 2013 1.1.4987 - First public release

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