EmailMerge Update History

Date Version Details
18-July-2023 5.0.8594 - Minor bug fixes.
17-January-2023 5.0.8406 - Minor bug fixes.
29-November-2022 5.0.8307 - Minor bug fixes.
09-May-2022 5.0.8160 - Re-signed the Installation files with new Digital Signature Certificate.
26-April-2022 5.0.8147 - Minor bug fixes.
1-March-2022 5.0.8084 - NEW! Scheduler Throttle feature to help stop mass email queuing in the Outlook Outbox folder.
17-February-2022 5.0.8081 - Minor bug fixes.
11-February-2022 5.0.8056 - NEW! MAJOR Update

- Simplified (Less Steps) and Updated (Modern) UI.
- Much Faster Performance.
- Merges in background (so you can use Outlook).
- Unsubscribes and Bounceback Management has been automated.
- Use the Scheduler for easy Pause, Cancel and Reshedule.
- Unattended End-of Day Merges (Auto-Shutdown).
- Improved Template Manager and List Manager.
1-September-2021 4.1.7900 - Minor Bug Fix: Related to tracking links with EmailCaddie.
29-June-2021 4.1.7849 - Fixed Check for Updates Error.
12-October-2020 4.1.7583 - Minor bug fixes.
11-September-2020 4.1.7559 - Minor bug fixes.
9-September-2020 4.1.7550 - Minor bug fixes.
27-August-2020 4.1.7535 - More descriptive messages when tracking opens/clicks using Email Caddie.Minor updates and Bug Fixes.
- Minor Updates.
21-July-2020 4.1.7494 - Minor Update: EmailMerge now gives an option to suppress other Standss Addin prompts when sending merges.
20-May-2020 4.1.7438 - UI related fixes at different DPI.
20-April-2020 4.1.7409 - Minor updates.
20-January-2020 4.1.7291 - Bug fix related to Outlook Exchange Online Mode.
- Minor updates.
08-October-2019 4.1.7213 - Minor updates.
22-August-2019 4.1.7171 - Minor update to Universal Installer.
07-August-2019 4.1.7143 - Minor update to email preview.
- Re-signed the Installation files with new Digital Signature Certificate.
28-May-2018 4.1.6716 - Minor updates.
18-Sep-2017 4.1.6470 - Fix for IMAP issue.
15-Aug-2017 4.1.6436 - BIG UPDATE! Integration of Salesforce data including importing data for Leads, Contacts and Custom Objects.
- Minor bug fixes and performance updates.
19-June-2017 4.1.6375 - Minor bug fixes
- Fix for error on Template Preview screen that was caused by Microsoft Windows 10 June Update
16-May-2017 4.1.6344 - Minor bug fixes
- Updates to the Email Tracking part
05-April-2017 4.1.6303 - Minor bug fixes
15-September-2016 4.1.6101 - Minor bug fixes
6-September-2016 4.1.6093 - NEW! Email Templates with Mobile Preview
- NEW! Export Templates
- NEW! 20 Responsive Templates
- Faster Distribution List(Contact Group)
- Updated with a new version of EmailCaddie(1.0.6092)
- Improved Performance & Speed
- Other minor bug fixes.
9-August-2016 4.0.6065 - Updated with a new version of EmailCaddie
3-May-2016 4.0.5963 - NEW! Major Upgrade:
- Brand New Interface
- Email Tracking/Remerging
- List Manager
- Template Manager
- Do Not Send List
- Process Blocks and Unsubscribe
- Improved Performance & Speed
- Support for NEW versions and updates to Outlook
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