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EmailMerge for Outlook 2016, 2019, 2021, Office 365

Getting started with Emailmerge

Easy-to-Use Step-by-Step Wizard inside Outlook

Generate seperate personalised email for each reciepent

Use Outlook Contacts, Categories and Lists

Send to Excel, Access or Salesforce lists

Send Attachments (Same or Personalized)

Send Immediately or Schedule for Delayed Delivery

Track Opens, Clicks and Replies

Thousands of users in 50 + Countries

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This EmailMerge Software Can Help You:

  • Increase Sales: Emails that are personalized are opened with more frequency and get up to triple the response rate from prospective customers, according to studies. More responses mean more sales.

  • Reach your prospects in a more personal and effective way (When you use Microsoft® Outlook ® for email marketing)

  • EmailMerge for Outlook is the fastest, easiest way to send out personalized sales emails, invitations to events and holiday emails

I have found emailmerge pro the most useful tool in my marketing armoury! It is simple to use, has some great options for sending emails and is of great value to any business wanting a mass email facility.


- Lori Hope, Spraytanz Ltd

What Is EmailMerge Outlook?

The EmailMerge for Outlook add-on makes it easy for you to send large numbers of personalized emails using your existing Outlook contacts, Excel lists, Salesforce contacts or Access Databases.

With customized salutations, your customers will feel more valued. They see: "Dear Mr. Mitchell..." or "Dear Sally..." instead of “Dear Customer”

Recipients who see their name at the beginning of an email are more likely to reply as they feel you delivered more personal attention. Our Outlook mail merge software personalizes each message and tells your addressee the email is NOT Spam and was meant specifically for him or her.


Instead of our marketing emails being regarded as spam, we now send personalized emails using your email merge software and our clients love it! The response has been 100% better!


- PrimeVision Limited, Fiji.

See how easy Email Merge for Outlook is

Click on the button (that EmailMerge installs inside Outlook) and follow the step-by-step Wizard to … pick your contacts (from Outlook, Excel, Access or Salesforce) , write your email (or use a template), preview and send personalised emails. Click on a link below to learn more about our Outlook mass mail add on.

Getting started with Emailmerge

EmailMerge delivers the flexibility and ease of use that we didn't find in other products that we tested.


- Andrew Dickenson, Newbury UK

Which version of EmailMerge is right for you?

Std Edition


Pro Edition


Pro + Salesforce Edition


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Operates inside Microsoft Outlook
When you’re ready to create your email message, just use the EmailMerge for Outlook toolbar on the Outlook email window.

Merges in background (so you can use Outlook)
Emails are created as they are sent out in the background so you can continue to with your work reading and writing emails while the merge is taking place.


Use the Scheduler for easy Pause, Cancel and Reshedule
Reschedule, cancel and make changes to merges without having to delete emails or redoing the whole merge again

Segmented Mailing Lists using the List Manager
Use the built-in List Manager to divide your list into segments based on preferences etc. Targeted mailing to each segment will improve responses and reduce unsubscribes.
Use Templates for consistent messaging
Use the Built-in Template manager to re-use emails as templates. This means that you won't have to rewrite standard messages and you can also have consistent (and easier) formatting.

Auto-add Unsubscribes and Bouncebacks do a Do-Not-Send list
Ensure that you do not email people who us to be removed or invalid email addresses using the built-in Do-Not Send List. You can add Unsubscribe links to emails and unsubscribes and bouncebacks (invalid email addresses) can automatically be imported to the list.


Unattended merges (Auto-Shut Down)
Have a merge that you need to run late at night. EmailMerge can automatically shut down your computer once it finishes.

Easy to use Send Wizard
Steps you through the creation and send process. You'll never have to stop and wonder what you should do next. EmailMerge for Outlook takes care of it all.
Send to Outlook Contacts, Distribution Lists etc (and organize them into mailing lists if you want)
Send to any Outlook contacts or lists. You can even organize (Categorise) them into mailing lists.
Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access Lists are supported too
Send to lists of contacts saved in spreadsheets and databases too
Preview Emails before creating and sending
It's reassuring to see that the emails have been personalized with ALL the required information before they are created and sent out!
CC or BCC based on field data.
You could send emails to a primary email address and CC them to say an assistants email address or you could BCC all emails to relevant sales managers.
Send attachments
Send the same attachment or use field data to send a different (personalised) attachment to each recipient.
Schedule your emails for later delivery
You can schedule your emails to go out in smaller batches. Handy to work around restrictions some ISPs have for the amount of email sent at one time.
Choose email account to send from
Many of us now have different email accounts (for example, one for personal use and one for business). Specify the email account to ensures that your addressees recognize who the email is from (and keep the email out of the spam folder).
Track your merges (Opens and Clicks)
Receive an email notification whenever someone opens or clicks on a merge you have sent out. Get instant notification as to who opened or clicked on the email, when, where and how (what device they used).
(Tracking requires a monthly/yearly subscription to EmailCaddie)
Use Salesforce data from within the Wizard
Merge directly to Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Custom Objects, without having to export from Salesforce and importing into EmailMerge
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The support for this product is incredible.. just great.


- Dennis A. Sanford


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