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What are the differences between the PRO and Standard Versions?


Std Edition


PRO Edition



Pro + Salesforce Edition


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Operates inside Microsoft Outlook
When you’re ready to create your email message, just use the EmailMerge for Outlook toolbar on the Outlook email window.
Easy to use Send Wizard
Steps you through the creation and send process. You'll never have to stop and wonder what you should do next EmailMerge for Outlook takes care of it all.
Insert personalized fields within the email
For example, instead of greeting your reader with "Dear Friend", you can include your reader's first name (for example, "Dear Chloe"). This catches their eye and encourages them to keep reading.
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New! Merges in background (so you can use Outlook)
Emails are created as they are sent out in the background so you can continue to with your work reading and writing emails while the merge is taking place.
One-Click Quick Merge
Makes simple mailings even faster.
New! Use the Scheduler for easy Pause, Cancel and Reshedule
Reschedule, cancel and make changes to merges without having to delete emails or redoing the whole merge again.
New! Unattended merges (Auto-Shut Down)
Have a merge that you need to run late at night. EmailMerge can automatically shut down your computer once it finishes.
Use any contact from your Outlook Contacts folder, sub-folders, or distribution lists
Create and save different lists of people (for example, Sales Team) and send personalized emails at the click of a button.
Uses Outlook categories to organize your contacts
Grouping your contacts into categories (for example, Clients, Prospects, Neighbors) enables you to quickly locate the addressees you need.
New! Auto-add Unsubscribes and Bouncebacks do a Do-Not-Send list
Ensure that you do not email people who us to be removed or invalid email addresses using the built-in Do-Not Send List. You can add Unsubscribe links to emails and unsubscribes and bouncebacks (invalid email addresses) can automatically be imported to the list.
Send email with attachments
Ideal for sending calendars, Microsoft Excel files, Microsoft Word documents even amusing videos!
Supports HTML and RTF formats
Send highly polished, eye-catching emails. Ideal for those whose livelihood depends on attractively presenting information (graphic designers, website designers).
Template Manager
Save time, rework and mistakes by using EmailMerge 4's integrated Template Manager to create and use your own templates.

Save your templates in different categories so that they are easy to find and use.

If you send out emails with similar formatting or content then this feature alone will save you a lot of time by reducing the amount of rework you need to do each time you send out emails.
Professionally designed email templates
Professional Designs that you can use immediately to create your own newsletters. All templates can easily be edited (you don't have to be a HTML or graphics guru).
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Works with Outlook 2016, 2019, 2021 & 0365
Take advantage of the new Outlook features without having to give up EmailMerge for Outlook.
Automatic replacement of any empty m-fields with text
Your emails will always look professional. For personalized emails, define rules for how EmailMerge for Outlook handles missing contact fields. For example, if a specific contact doesn't include a last name, set up EmailMerge for Outlook to replace [LastName] with "Colleague"
Preview Emails before creating and sending
You can now preview emails in the EmailMerge Wizard to see exactly how they will look when they are created for sending out.

It's reassuring to see that the emails have been personalized with ALL the required information before they are created and sent out!
Supports CC or BCC fields
CC or BCC a copy of all merged emails to any email address for tracking purposes. (PRO Version has more advanced features-see below)
CC or BCC based on field data
EmailMerge PRO lets you CC and BCC emails to multiple recipients based on field data. You could send emails to a primary email address and CC them to say an assistants email address or you could BCC all emails to relevant sales managers.
Send attachments to recipients
Attach as many files as you want to your master email. All recipients will get a copy of all attachments (PRO Version has more advanced features-see below).
Send attachments to recipients based on field data
Send personalized attachments using the EmailMerge Wizard… choose what data field has the name of attachments and EmailMerge will send a different attachment to each recipient.
Faster Loading of Contacts
Nobody likes waiting around for the computer to do its work. Your contacts will now load up to 4X faster.
Save Sent (merged) emails to a different folder
With EmailMerge 4 you can choose a destination folder where merged emails will be filed… or you can choose to have the emails deleted after they are sent.

You will have a cleaner less cluttered Sent Items folder and better control over your campaigns.
Emails created and sent out automatically (or created in the Drafts folder)
For particularly SENSITIVE EMAILS, you may feel more comfortable seeing the actual email (not just a Preview) before they are sent out.

EmailMerge can create and save emails to the Drafts folder.

You can check them and add additional content to selected emails if you wish before sending them out manually.
Batch Send Emails from the Drafts Folder
You can still send emails out easily if you chose to create emails to the Drafts folder (instead of sending them out automatically). Select multiple emails from the Draft folder and have them all sent out at the click of one button (instead of having to open and send each email one at a time).
Superior support for mailing lists saved in Excel, Access and CSV files
EmailMerge for Outlook can work directly with mailing lists saved in Excel, Access and CSV files. You no longer need to rename the fields to match Outlook field names… EmailMerge will use the fieldnames you have in your data.
Do Not Send List
ELIMINATE the risk of annoying customers using EmailMerge 4’s Do Not Send List. Add an email address to that list and EmailMerge will never send an email to that address… even if you accidentally decide to. You can be rest assured that your emails will not annoy your customers or get you blacklisted to their Junk Mail folders.
Delayed batch sending
Works around restrictions some ISPs have for the amount of email sent at one time.
Send on behalf of other users (Microsoft Exchange® Only)
Enables others to send email on your behalf (for example, an assistant sending email for a manager).
Choose email account to send from (that is, send personalized emails from any email account – not just the default account)
Many of us now have different email accounts (for example, one for personal use and one for business). For each EmailMerge, you can specify the email account EmailMerge Pro for Outlook uses when sending. This ensures that your addressees recognize who the email is from and keeps the email out of the spam folder.
Use Contacts from external sources:
- Microsoft Excel® file
- Microsoft Access® file
- Global address list
- CSV file

This feature is great if you’re working with a temporary contacts list that you don’t want to import into Outlook.
Advanced Contacts Filter
Quickly isolate a list of contacts with specific criteria (for example, sending only to contacts in Arizona). It’s a quick and specific way to narrow your addressee list.
List Manager
Segment your Outlook and Excel contacts using Categories. Then use these segments in the EmailMerge Wizard to send out targeted emails to specific segments.
Track your merges (Opens and Clicks)
Receive an email notification whenever someone opens or clicks on a merge you have sent out. Get instant notification as to who opened or clicked on the email, when, where and how (what device they used).
View Tracking Information on EmailCaddie.com
Compare open rates, click rates etc for different merges. See exactly who has opened or clicked on an email at the click of a button.
(Tracking requires a monthly/yearly subscription to EmailCaddie)
Re-merge (Use tracking data from inside EmailMerge)
Increase response rates and sales by doing follow-up merges to everyone who opened, clicked, did not open etc. EmailMerge makes it easy by making this data available inside the Wizard for you.
(Tracking requires a monthly/yearly subscription to EmailCaddie)
Use Salesforce data from within the Wizard
Merge directly to Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Custom Objects, without having to export from Salesforce and importing into EmailMerge
(Tracking requires a monthly/yearly subscription to EmailCaddie)

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