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Fast, Easy & Safe Works inside Outlook by adding a few buttons to the Outlook toolbar... Create your emails using Outlook (no need to learn anything new) or use one of the professionally designed templates... and then let the Wizard take you step-by-step through creating and sending personalized copies to any of your Outlook contacts. You can even use Distribution Lists or Categories to organize your mailing lists..
Number of Outlook fields supported
For example, instead of greeting your reader with “Dear Friend,” you can include your reader’s first name (for example, “Dear Chloe”).
12 55
NEW! Professionally designed email templates & Template Manager
Professional Designs that you can use immediately to create your own newsletters. (You can even create and save your own templates)
10 20
Works with all versions of Outlook Outlook 2010 (32 bit)
(as well as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007)
Use Mailing Lists from Excel, Access, CSVs ..
Email Merge for Outlook can work directly with mailing lists saved in Excel, Access CSV files. Text files...
NEW! CC or BCC based on field data
You could send emails to a primary email address and CC them to say an assistant’s email address… or you could BCC all emails to relevant sales managers.
NEW! Send attachments to recipients based on field data
Email Merge can send a different personalized attachment to each recipient.
NEW! Save Sent (merged) emails to a different folder
Automatically file (or delete) sent emails to your chosen folder
NEW! Create and Batch Send Emails from the Drafts Folder
Create sensitive emails to the drafts folder for checking/editing. Then batch send them at the click of one button (instead of having to open and send each email one at a time).
NEW! Do Not Send List
ELIMINATE the risk of annoying customers using Email Merge 3’s Do Not Send List.

Add an email address to that list and Email Merge will never send an email to that address… even if you accidentally decide to.
Schedule emails to be sent in smaller batches
Works around restrictions some ISPs have for the amount of email you can send
Send on behalf of other users (Microsoft Exchange« Only)
Enables others to send email on your behalf (for example, an assistant sending email for a manager).
Choose email account to send from (send personalized emails from any email account – not just the default account)
Ensures that your recipients recognize who the email is from (and keeps the email out of the spam folder).
Advanced Contacts Filter
Quickly isolate a list of contacts with specific criteria (for example, sending only to contacts in Arizona).

(Standard Edition)
(PRO Edition)



´┐ŻThis is a superb application with an intuitive wizard and user interface´┐Ż

- Raymond Schklar, BA, MBA, IT Consultant & Teacher, Fort Thomas

´┐ŻI regularly send messages to a couple of organizations, my family and for my company. We're talking 50 to 1500 people. In all cases, Email Merge Pro is the quickest and easiest tool I've used.´┐Ż

- Steve Tingley
American Family Insurance

´┐ŻEmailMerge makes truly easy the email personalization process. No external processes to Outlook. Our newsletters become more attractive to our readers and we have gained more readers since starting to use MailMerge.´┐Ż

- German Salgar
Corporaci´┐Żn el Minuto de Dios

´┐ŻI would like to say thanks for a great program. EmailMerge is awesome and saves a lots of time sending your personalized emails.´┐Ż

- Cary Pugh

´┐ŻEmailMerge Pro's ability to Send on behalf of multiple Exchange users was the primary driver for selecting this product. We have been using it for almost 6 months now and are delighted with the results.´┐Ż

- Pat Jones

´┐Ż...I have used it several times now and it works perfectly and does just what I needed ... we're really happy we got the program and use it regularly. Thanks.´┐Ż

- Bill Knepper

´┐ŻBefore using EMAIL MERGE I spent hours putting together sales emails and communication to my sales team. Now by saving drafts and using Email Merge I only spend minutes and can reach a larger group. The emails go out to individuals and do not get stuck in Spam Filters. Plus you never give away your other contacts by having a lengthy list of email address in the "To" field.´┐Ż

- Gregg Caplan

´┐Ż... offers timely and responsive support of every product they have created. Every company should strive to deliver customer and tech support the way this company does.´┐Ż

- Dennis M. Najjar

´┐ŻI have used EmailMerge for over a year and I am very happy with the program. It is a light, non-intrusive program that complements Outlook. I am glad I have this tool to assist me. Now my emails go out personalized and I get a better response to them. I would recommend this program to anyone who has to personalize a lot of email correspondence´┐Ż

- Denise Harlow
Conklin Center for the Blind

´┐ŻI just downloaded the program and it's GREAT! Even I, a computer neophyte could use it.´┐Ż

- David C. Kjeldsen, New York