EmailMerge Update History

Date Version / Details
29-October-2015 Version 3.1.5780
- Improved startup time.
28-September-2015 Version 3.1.5745
- Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013).
6-May-2015 Version 3.1.5591
- Now supports multiple recipients in the emails CC and BCC field while using an external data source(Excel, Access).
16-February-2015 Version 3.1.5521
- Bug Fix: Could not load linked tables while loading contacts from MS Access.
31-July-2014 Version 3.1.5317
- Bug Fix: Error on some computers when composing an email and inserting an mField.
15-July-2014 Version 3.1.5301
- Re-signed the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate.
30-June-2014 Version 3.1.5294
- Supports loading of contacts from Microsoft Access files in EmailMerge 32-bit and 64-bit.
6-June-2014 Version 3.1.5270
- NEW! Excel contact source/CSV contact source: Remembers the last external file being used.
Fixed issues with using Excel file as contacts data source.
- Ignores Outlook hidden contact folders.
- Other minor bug fixes.  
22-January-2014 Version 3.1.5135
Installation Improvement: Checking if the correct installer is being run on the correct Office bittness environment.
2-August-2013 Version 3.1.4962
Bug fix: Windows User Interface (UI) visual style does not get applied on EmailMerge screens on some computers.
24-July-2013 Version 3.1.4945
- Bug fix: EmailMerge Installation error on some computers.
- Bug fix: Error when sending emails from Drafts folder using EmailMerge in Outlook 2013.
- Other minor bug fixes.

24-May-2013 Version 3.1.4892
- Bug fix: EmailMerge loses registration when doing a version update.
- Other minor bug fixes.
15-May-2013 Version 3.1.4883

- Bug fixes in 64bit version

7-March-2013 Version 3.1.4797

- Release: 64bit version of EmailMerge for Outlook

9-January-2013 Version 3.0.53

- Bug fix: Installation error when installing on a computer with Outlook 2013

8-December-2011 Version 3.0.53

- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate

27-September-2011 Version 3.0.53

- Bug fix: EmailMerge issue when accepting meeting requests in Outlook 2003 and below.

13-April-2011 Version 3.0.50

- Bug fix: Emails sometimes get stuck in Outbox when sending via POP account.

14-March-2011 Version 3.0.49

- NEW! Support for Google Apps
- Bug fix: Error in loading contacts from multiple
  sheets in Excel file
- Bug fix: Error in loading contacts from multiple
  Tables in Access file

29-September-2010 Version 3.0.41

- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate.

15-September-2010 Version 3.0.41

- NEW! Support for images in the new Templates that are imported
- Bug Fix: In Outlook XP when doing a mail merge, plain text emails were sent out while using word as email editor
- Bug Fix: Not all Outlook contacts were loaded for some users(In Outlook 2007 & 2010). Provided option in the settings screen
- Other minor bug fixes

24-August-2010 Version 3.0.35

- NEW! If in the middle of merge and the user  clicks on Send, the EmailMerge prompts the user that he/she is in the middle of a merge.
- Bug Fix: Override any previous versions on EmailMerge before installing the new version
- Bug Fix:Error thrown on wizard regarding DLL or OCX.

18-August-2010 Version 3.0.32

- Release of a major upgrade

NEW! Template Manager
Save time, rework and mistakes by using Email Merge 3’s integrated Template Manager to create and use your own templates
If you send out emails with similar formatting or content then this feature alone will save you a lot of time by reducing the amount of rework you need to do each time you send out emails.

NEW! Professionally designed email templates
Professional Designs that you can use immediately to create your own newsletters. All templates can easily be edited (you don’t have to be a HTML or graphics guru)

NEW! Preview Emails before creating and sending
You can now preview emails in the Email Merge Wizard to see exactly how they will look when they are created for sending out.

It’s reassuring to see that the emails have been personalized with ALL the required information before they are created and sent out!

NEW! Faster Loading of Contacts
Nobody likes waiting around for the computer to do its work. Your contacts will now load up to 4X faster.

NEW! Save Sent (merged) emails to a different folder
With Email Merge 3 you can choose a destination folder where merged emails will be filed… or you can choose to have the emails deleted after they are sent.

You will have a cleaner less cluttered Sent Items folder and better control over your campaigns.

NEW! CC or BCC based on field data
Email Merge PRO lets you CC and BCC emails based on field data. You could send emails to a primary email address and CC them to say an assistant’s email address… or you could BCC all emails to relevant sales managers.

NEW! Send attachments to recipients based on field data
Send personalized attachments using the Email Merge Wizard… choose what data field has the name of attachments and Email Merge will send a different attachment to each recipient.

NEW! Batch Send Emails from the Drafts Folder
You can still send emails out easily if you chose to create emails to the Drafts folder (instead of sending them out automatically).

Select multiple emails from the Draft folder and have them all sent out at the click of one button (instead of having to open and send each email one at a time).

NEW! Superior support for mailing lists saved in Excel, Access and CSV files
Email Merge for Outlook can work directly with mailing lists saved in Excel, Access and CSV files.

You no longer need to rename the fields to match Outlook field names… EmailMerge will use the fieldnames you have in your data.

NEW! Do Not Send List
ELIMINATE the risk of annoying customers using Email Merge 3’s Do Not Send List.

Add an email address to that list and Email Merge will never send an email to that address… even if you accidentally decide to.

You can be rest assured that your emails will not annoy your customers or get you blacklisted to their Junk Mail folders.

30-December-2009 Version 2.0.611

- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate.

11-February-2009 Version 2.0.611

- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate.

29-April-2008 Version 2.0.611

- First public release



I would like to say thanks for a great program. EmailMerge is awesome and saves a lots of time sending your personalized emails.

This is a superb application with an intuitive wizard and user interface

I just downloaded the program and it's GREAT! Even I, a computer neophyte could use it.

Just found your program and love it

I have used it several times now and it works perfectly and does just what I needed ... we're really happy we got the program and use it regularly. Thanks.