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BCC To Salesforce

Where can you find your BCC to Salesforce email address?

EmailCaddie lets you add a copy of the emails you sent out into Salesforce. This is useful whenever you need to have a copy of the correspondence(s) you send out for future references. You can find your Salesforce BCC address from the following:

  • Login to your Salesforce login
  • Find your name in the upper right corner
  • Click on this, and find My Settings

  • SalesForce Settings

  • After you’ve clicked, click on Email on the far left side of the menu
  • SalesForce Settings

  • Click on the Email button and it will expand
  • Email to Salesforce

  • Once you click on this, your unique BCC email address will displayed

  • MyEmailToSalesforce

  • Just copy and paste this email address into the following screen for EmailMerge

  • SalesForce BCC EmailAddress

    If the following instructions or the information in this knowledgebase did not help, please contact our support team at support@standss.com.

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