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Do Not Send List

The Do Not Send list allows you to maintain a list of email addresses to which EmailMerge will NEVER send emails (even if they are in your mailing list).

Why? Certain contacts may request not to be part of your mailings. Accidentally emailing them could result in annoyed prospects or customers… or complaints against you to spam authorities.

Adding these contacts to the Do Not Send list ensures that EmailMerge will not send emails to them.

To Open the Do not Send List:

EmailMerge Do Not Send List

  1. In Outlook go to your Inbox, click on the little arrow beside the EmailMerge button on the Toolbar/Ribbon.
  2. Click Do not Send List. The application will open the following screen:
EmailMerge Not Send List

1. Add an email-address to Do not Send List:

  1. Click Add, the application will display the following screen:

  2. Add Manual Do Not Send List

  3. You can add email address(s) to the Do not Sent list using 1 of the 3 options below:

  1. Manually add the new items to the list.

    Select this option if you would like to type-in the email addresses manually. (Enter 1 email address per line)

  2. Email address (sender) of currently selected email(s)

    Select this option if you want Email Merge to automatically add emails addresses for the emails you have already selected in the current folder. The email address of the sender will be added to the Do not Sent List.

  3. Emails in current folder with unsubscribe/bounce back words in subject
  4. People can unsubscribe from receiving emails from you by having certain words in the subject of the email they sent to you. (Normally they would reply to your email and add the word Unsubscribe)

    You may also find that certain emails addresses on your list are not longer valid as emails you send are bounced back.

    EmailMerge can automatically add addresses of the above to the Do not Send List by comparing words in the Subject fields.

    You can edit the list of words by clicking on Maintain Word List to add, delete or reset the Word list to default.

2. Edit Do not Send List:

  1. Select the email-address and click Edit
  2. Make the necessary changes to the email-address
  3. Click OK to save your changes

3. Remove an email-address from Do not Send List:

  1. Select the email-address you want to removeEdit
  2. Click Delete and the application will display a prompt to confirm the removal of the indicated email address from the list.
  3. Select Yes to remove the email-address from the Do not Send List.

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