EmailNotes for Outlook

Storing notes in email has never been easier!

Immediately jot down all the information you need, including links to supporting files and websites

Works inside Outlook right beside your email, so there is no need to change the way you work

EmailNotes for Outlook 2016, 2019, 2021, Office 365

Add Notes to an Email
No Waste Time Searching for Information
EmailNotes is Confidential
Share your notes with Others
Trusted Software from a Microsoft Partner

Get the information you need right inside Outlook right next to the email you are working on.

Add Notes to an Email

Store valuable information with your email including your personal thoughts/ideas, phone conversations, history/status, reminders etc.

No wasted time searching for information

  • The built-in intelligence system retrieves all relevant information for you and displays it next to the email!
  • Store links to get immediate access to information outside Outlook, such as supporting documents on your computer, network or on the Web.

EmailNotes is Confidential

No one else can see your notes and there is no chance of unintentionally sharing your notes with the wrong people.


  • Your original email remains unchanged.
  • Your notes are safe from data loss.
  • Email Notes saves your notes in your main Outlook data file so that they are automatically backed up when you backup your Outlook data files.

Share your notes with Others

You can share your notes with others when you want by using the ‘Forward/Reply/ReplyAll with Notes’ buttons.


Trusted Software from a Microsoft Partner

Standss has been providing Outlook based solutions to businesses since 2002. Our developers and support team have experience with both Outlook and NetDocuments and are ready to serve you today.


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