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    I love my clients, but more times than not the e-mail I receive from them just isn't clear or doesn't provide a complete picture, and I usually follow up with a phone call in order to fill in the gaps. I used to keep notes of the phone calls in a notepad on my desk, and never had a good way to keep the follow-up notes in line with the original e-mail. Thank you, Addins4Outlook for EmailNotes. Now my follow-up notes stay attached with the e-mail and I can easily forward the message AND notes to my team and colleagues. You guys rock.

    John Mansi

    IT Solutions Consulting

    I own or am a partner is 8 different companies. I am very active in the management of most, if not all of them. Some of them are interrelated, some are completely separate. I spend 40% of my day dealing with most issues pertaining to them via email, my preferred contact method. Email notes, in just a few days, has made me more effective and organized! I really appreciate the stability I have seen so far along with the functionality.

    Fred G. Cook

    President Cook Family Services

    EmailNotes gives me an immediate way to jot a reminder to myself connected with the e-mail--and by including an "EmailNotes" column in the Outlook "view" I have a constant visual memory jog to myself to follow-up. Absolutely hassle-free installation and use with Outlook 2003 and 2007. Wonderful utility!!

    Pam Rolph


    EmailNotes allows me to consolidate ideas into a single location saving time and money. Standss is one of the best companies with which I have dealt. Great customer service. They never standstill or rest on their laurels. They are always improving their products and their service. I bought EmailNotes because when a great company makes a great product, you have to buy.

    Mark E. Leipold

    Gould & Ratner LLP

    I love EmailNotes, combined with Outlooks "Follow Up" features it enables me to better control my email flow and therefore my time. Excellent add-in

    Sid Price

    Avian Ambassadors Flights of Education

    We are finding EmailNotes to be an efficient way to "remember" why we have placed emails in certain folders.

    Glenn Crouch

    ESB Consultancy

    The ability to add notes to emails is indispensable and, with the "defer" function in Quickfile, EmailNotes is becoming an extremely valuable tool for managing small tasks and issues.

    Simon Freeman

    Pendragon Managing Director

    I don't have to print the email message, hand write a note on it, and then keep track of it on my desk. Eliminates extra desktop paper and the info doesn't get accidentally put in a job folder lost forever.

    Patrick J. O'Leary

    Estimator/Project Manager Hobbs & Associates, Inc

    I am a realtor and I have to say that I find your Email Notes a very handy and simple way to keep track of everything that I have to do with email. It's great and I recommend it to anyone who conducts business by email.



    I help people with insurance and Email Notes makes it so much easier for me to work. I make the note on the email lead and it makes it so much easier to keep myself organized. Those notes have made a difference in my closing ratio.

    Jim Lambert


    EmailNotes was a great idea and as we are all busy on a daily basis, anything that helps remind us or helps with the organization or our day is very much appreciated. I have introduced a few colleges and clients to Quickfile and to EmailNotes and I will continue to "spread the word" Thanks.

    Evelyn W. McGregor


    Why didn't I think of this? It makes it easy to tag any email with important notes and comments. Before this the only way to add these items was to put them in the subject line of an email and save it.

    Vincent Papi


    LOVING the new product... this new EmailNotes plug-in is my new must-have tool.



    I really found the product very thoughtfully developed, easy to use and wonder how I managed without so far!

    Aylur Kailasam Ganesh


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