EmailNotes Update History

Date Version Details
17-January-2023 3.0.8409 - Minor bug fixes

15-November-2022 3.0.8341 - Updated Digital Certificate
- Minor User Interface Updates
- Minor bug fixes
22-December-2020 3.0.7649 - Minor bug fixes
- Minor Updates
28-August-2020 3.0.7536 - Minor Update
11-February-2020 3.0.7339 - Minor Update
07-January-2020 3.0.7292 - Minor Update
08-October-2019 3.0.7220 - Minor Update to Universal Installer
- Updated to Digital Certificate
04-July-2018 3.0.6751 - Minor Update
8-May-2018 3.0.6702 - Minor bug fixes
29-March-2018 3.0.6659 - Major Release
- NEW: Shows link at t he bottom of each email to add new notes (first 50 characters)
- NEW: Export Settings
- NEW: Error Logging
- Installation errors fixed
- Opening email(.msg) from outside Outlook error fixed
- Performance Speed Up
31-July-2016 2.0.6402 - Universal Installer Framework upgraded
5-Aug-2016 2.0.6061 - The same executable file will now be used for both 32 bit Outlook and 64 bit Outlook
- Bug fixes to make the UI and user experience better
9-November-2015 2.0.5786 Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013)
16-July-2014 2.0.5309 - Re-signed the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
25-Mar-2013 2.0.4829 - Bug fix in Outlook 2013: After you do an Outlook search for all mail items and navigate through the search results, an error message comes up on some emails.
05-Feb-2013 2.0.4784 - Updates to improve compatibility with Outlook 2013
08-Jan-2013 2.0.4756 - Bug fix: Some error messages were displayed when using SendGuard with EmailNotes for Outlook and EmailTags for Outlook
- Auto-Linking of Notes to new emails: This is now less intrusive and only automatically links to notes if emails have the same conversation id. There is also the option to get prompted based on Subject but this prompt can be turned off from the settings screen
- Other minor bug fixes
07-Sept-2012 2.0.4587 - Major performance bug fixes
22-June-2012 2.0.4556 - Major Release with many new features including:
-NEW! Formatted Notes (previous versions were plain text only)
-NEW! Insert links to documents and folders
-NEW! Insert links to the web
-NEW! View and Edit notes beside your emails (and the reading pane)
-NEW! Search for text in notes
-NEW! Notes can be linked to multiple emails
-NEW! 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions
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