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Standss EmailTags for Outlook

Why are Tags better than Folders?

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Filing emails into folders has a few problems that are not easy to solve.

  • Emails are difficult to find if you can't remember where you filed them.
  • The same email may need to go into more than one folder.
  • It takes too much time and discipline to maintain a system based on folders.
  • Even if you do manage to keep up, after a while a system with hundreds of folders is cumbersome to use.

Tagging emails provides a solution to all these problems:

  • You can tag your emails with as many tags as you want. This means you don't have to worry about choosing just one folder for an email.
  • You can search your emails based on tags. Because the same email can be tagged with multiple keywords, the same email can be found in different ways.
  • Organizing emails with Email Tags is easy and takes almost no extra effort. Everything happens at the click of a button ... inside Outlook.

Get the Benefits of Folders ... without using Folders

You can see all emails for a project, customer, whatever you want... as if the emails were in a folder. But without the hard work need to maintain a complex folder structure. Best of all the same email can be found in multiple ways… as if the email was in more than one folder.

Tagging is Easy, Fast and Accurate with Auto-Suggest

Email Tags's Auto-suggestions makes tagging faster and more accurate by suggesting tags based on your previous actions. This saves time as well as eliminates wrongly-tagged emails. You can also pick from a full list of tags at any time.

Tag email with keywords

Emails are easier to find… in multiple ways

Our easy to use Search screen means you don’t need to remember your tags… or learn complex terms. Just fill in a few fields and click Search.

Search email with tags

Sent Emails are Organized and Findable Too

We know how easy it is to forget to organize your sent emails. Email Tags will automatically prompt you to add tags to emails as they are being sent out.

Send and Tag email with keywords

You don't need to change what you do now.

Do you keep your emails in the Inbox and Sent Items folders? Email Tags will work for you. Do you have a system of folders that you currently use? Email Tags will also work for you. You don’t need to change.

Achieve Inbox Zero

Do you use GTD or other productivity methods? Email Tags can help you achieve a clean uncluttered Inbox without needing any external system besides Outlook. You can go home every evening knowing that your Inbox will only show you what you need to work on.

Your emails are SAFE and SECURE

Email Tags works entirely on your computer. Your emails never leave your computer, and nothing about your email goes anywhere on the internet. Email Tags is safe, secure, and compatible with your network policies, no matter how stringent.

Trusted Software from a Microsoft Partner

Standss has been providing Outlook based solutions to businesses since 2002. Our developers and support team have experience with both Outlook and NetDocuments and are ready to serve you today.

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Tag Recommendations based on history
3 x One-Click Buttons for faster Tagging
Tag It!
Tag & File
Send & Tag
Send & Tag & File
Tag & Bucket (Folder) Maintenance
Search by Tags (Single, And, Or)
Sync Tags with Categories
Tag History Screen (for billing, faster find etc)
Tag (&File) entire Threads
Rename Tags
Disable Tags (prevent use but allow searching)
Bulk Edit Tags on Existing Emails
Export/Import Tags
Quick-Task and Quick-Appointment

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