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EmailTags is one of the most useful software applications we own.

As more and more of our critical business communication is done by e-mail, being able to find important e-mails quickly and accurately is essential to our business. I’ve tried many strategies, but with limited success. Now I have the solution – EmailTags. All my e-mails are now searchable with MY keywords. No more lost e-mails, no more trying to figure out which folder I put it in, no time wasted searching for an e-mail.

Justin Henderson


"With EmailTags I can rapidly file my emails in just one folder with complete confidence that the search feature will easily find them again when they are needed.
Even though I’m very busy with a large number of projects, tasks and meetings, I can easily process the more than one hundred emails I receive each day with low stress, high satisfaction and optimal responsiveness to my team and to my external correspondents"

- Thomas Huth


I found your product Email Tags to be a fantastic timesaver, it is very easy to “tag” emails on the fly and search for then later with just a couple of clicks, much easier to use than the traditional search method, Email Tags gets a 5/5

- Luis Gellon


I find this little program very powerful. Since I have been using the Email Tags System, I’ve deleted all of these folders and have been using the Tags. It is a much simpler approach to a problem I had been addressing by creating more and more folders.

- John McCarthy


The product is very simple and fast to use. This is the ultimate productivity improvement for organizing emails quickly.

- Joe Lauria


I like Email Tags because I could file all my mail in one folder instead of having dozens of folders, yet find all the emails related to one project very quickly by searching on the tag.

- Debbie Smith


My InBox has never had so few emails in it because of EmailTags. It's incredibly easy to tag emails and file them. Outlook is better organized now than it ever has been.

- Chuck Coleman


I am loving the new Email tags. For the first time I can have one simple filing system that can link projects and various people. Everything is very easy to find. A great job.

- Norman


... offers timely and responsive support of every product they have created. Every company should strive to deliver customer and tech support the way this company does.

- Dennis M. Najjar

CPA, Co-Founder, AccountingDepartment.com, LLC

... One of the best companies with which I have dealt. Great customer service. They never standstill or rest on their laurels.

- Mark E. Leipold


... your systems have revolutionised my work life.. Thank you.

- Michael Gamlen

CGamlen Tableting Ltd

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