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    Emailtags Update History

    Date Version Details
    02-May-2022 2.0.8151 - Tag from right click menu
    - Option to search on current Mailbox, Current Folder and All Folder
    - Update Suggestions
    - Minor Updates to User Interface
    30-September-2020 2.0.7558 - NEW! Two options on how to search for tags:
    * Search tags using only starting letters of tag names or
    * Search tags using letters anywhere in tag name.
    - Minor Updates to User Interface
    28-August-2020 2.0.7529 - Bug Fixes
    - Minor Updates to User Interface
    21-July-2020 2.0.7503 - NEW! MAJOR Update

    - Brand New (but still similar) User Interface
    - Much Faster Performance
    - More Accurate Suggestions
    - THREE one-click buttons for faster filing
    - More Tagging Options at the click of a button
    - Tag entire Threads (Conversations) with one click (Pro Feature)
    - More Powerful (and Easier) Search
    - Keyboard shortcuts for even nicer user experience
    - Email Tagging History (Pro Feature)
    - Improved Tag and Bucket Maintenance (Pro Feature)
    - Bulk Edit Tags (Rename and Delete tags on existing emails) (Pro Feature)
    - Quick-Task and Quick-Appointment (Pro Feature)
    13-January-2020 1.1.7303 - Minor Update
    08-October-2019 1.1.7213 - Minor Update to Universal Installer
    - Updated to Digital Certificate
    21-June-2018 1.1.6743 - Minor update.
    29-October-2015 1.1.5780 - Improved startup time.
    29-September-2015 1.1.5716 - Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013).
    29-June-2015 1.1.5646 - Bug fix: Alpha numeric characters were being displayed while printing out emails after they were filed.
    15-July-2014 1.1.5301 - Re-signed the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate.
    18-October-2013 1.1.5038 - Bug fix: Updated Installer - Error message comes up when installing on some machines.
    26-September-2013 1.1.5017 - NEW! Apply Windows theme on all addin screens.
    - NEW! Tag It! button now available on right-click on emails in your Inbox in Outlook 2013.
    - Option to allow (old style) searching for multiple tags as well as the new Search Tags.
    - Bug fix: In Outlook 2007, if you select a meeting request, error message comes-up.
    - Other minor bug fixes.
    26-July-2013 1.1.4953 - NEW! Undo last Tag&File action
    - Improvement: New Search screen
    - Re-organised buttons on the ribbon/toolbar
    - Other minor bug fixes.
    05-April-2013 1.1.4843 - Improvement: Show progress when doing Tag&File for more than 5 items
    - Bug fix: Send&Tag does not work when using IMAP account
    - Other minor bug fixes.
    06-December-2012 1.1.4722 - NEW! File original email with the Reply/Reply-All sent email
    - Interface changes
    - Minor Bug fixes
    23-November-2012 1.1.4710 - Improved User Interface
    - NEW! Added New features:
    * One-off purchase rather than the subscription pricing model
    * Different archive Bucket/Folder defaults for received and Sent Emails.
    * Provide last 8 suggestions for one-click Tag(and filing)
    * Now supports as many tags as you want to add to an email
    * Allows synchronizing of Tags with your Outlooks Master Category List
    - Minor Bug fixes
    17-October-2012 1.0.4673 - First public release

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