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EmailTags Settings

To access the EmailTags settings screen:

  1. From your current folder in Outlook, goto EmailTags ribbon
  2. Click 'More' -> Settings

You can refer to the table below the screenshot for a more detailed description for each tab.


General Tab

Options Description
Auto-Suggest Tags Tick this option if you would like EmailTags to suggest tags (and 'File in' location) you might have used previously for the same email. For e.g. If a new email comes in and you click the “Tag it” button, this will open the Tag It screen and suggested tag will already be placed.
Mark emails as read (if they are unread) when filing Tick this option if you would like unread emails to be marked as read when filing them to a different folder.
Leave a copy of email in sent items when Sending and Filing Tick this option if you want a copy of the Sent email to be saved in the Sent items folder.
Show confirmation prompt during Send & Delete A message box will prompt to confirm your Send & Delete action when emails that are going out.
Prompt to Tag & File when emails are sent This option lets you choose either to show the EmailTags wizard once you press the "Send" button in Outlook.
Update Outlook Master Categories List when new Tags added (Required if you want to display color-coded tags) This option lets you Sync the Categories feature and your Tags list automatically.
Automatically file original email with sent email for Reply/Reply All This option lets you automatically file your original email with Reply/Reply All sent Emails. The Tag that you will place on the replying email will also be applied on the Original Email. You can also file the email without a Tag.
Action on pressing enter on Tag Screen Select Tag - The typed tag is selected as a tag for the email
Tag&File - Tag the email with selected tag(s) and move the email to the chosen location
Tag - Tag email with the selected tag(s)
Delete Tagging History data older than ... days Tagging history data older than chosen number of days will be deleted permanently.
When adding new Tags Add without Prompting
Prompt for Confirmation
Maintain Tags List This option will open up another screen were you can add/rename/disable/delete your Tags and add/remove Buckets.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Tab

Options Description
Setup keyboard shortcuts By default, EmailTags has some shortcuts that you may find useful. You can also set you own shortcuts. Whichever suits your use of EmailTags the best.


Advanced Tab

Options Description
Show EmailTags Folder By default, the folder where EmailTags Version 1 saved your settings is hidden. If you want to unhide this folder, just press this button.
Show EmailTags Appdata Folder Opens the location where EmailTags Version 2 Settings are stored.
Enable troubleshooting logging Logs EmailTags events in a text file to help in troubleshooting.
View Log Folder Opens the location where log folders are stored.
Category Name for Search Edit "category" to the language that your Outlook is currently using.

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