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Tagging History

This feature gives summary of your filing activities for past x days (90 days by default) depending on your choice on Settings screen.

To access the Tagging History screen:

  • On EmailTags ribbon > Click More > Tagging History

  • The following screen will open:

Filing History Screen
Options Description
Search Allows you to search Filing Hisotry list by Sender, Recipients, Subject, and Attachments
Right Click - Goto Selected Item
- Open the folder where selected item is stored
- Show Details of the Item
Open Item Will open the actual email in a new window
Goto Folder Will move Outlook to the folder the email is currently in.
Show Detail Will open the Show Detail Form (Please look at the image and table below)

Show Details

Show History Detail Screen

Options Description
Goto Folder This will open folder where selected item is stored.
Open Email This will open the selected Email.

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