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What are the differences between the Std, PRO and Ultimate Versions?


QuickFile (Std Edition)


QuickFile (PRO Edition)



QuickFile (Ultimate Edition)


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One-Click Filing (File up to 90% of emails at the click of one button) QuickFile displays last used folder for contact on the toolbar. Click to close and move the email
Send & File (File out-going emails as you send them) QuickFile prompts you for a folder anytime you send an email. The prompt includes a recommended list of folders to file to.
Easily file received messages at the click of a button... no more drag-and-drop. QuickFile recommends a list of folders to use based on your previous actions.
Easily find and move to folders... no more hunting through folder trees to find one folder. Type a few characters from the name of the folder and QuickFile will display a list of matching folders.
File Original Messages with Replies Automatically File both your outgoing reply and your unfiled original message at the same time
Filing History: See a searchable list of all emails filed with QuickFile. Use the list to quickly locate emails, fill in timesheets or bill clients.
Add Tags (Categories) to Emails: You can also tag your emails with a category when filing emails.
Faster access to Favourite folders: Select and file to your most frequently used folders by adding them directly to the Ribbon.
Recently Used Folders QuickFile displays a list of last 8 used folders for filing. This feature can be used for filing emails and for moving to folders
Undo Filing Need to reverse or find an email that you filed using QuickFile or Send&File. Click the Undo button to return the email to its original location.
Train QuickFile. Get started by getting QuickFile to scan your folders and learn your filing habits.
Lock Screen. Prevent users from making changes to QuickFile Settings.
File Thread. Clean your Inbox faster by filing all emails in same thread without manually looking for each message in conversation.
Batch Filing QuickFile can now batch file emails sent from outside Outlook using Outlook Web Access, Smart Phones or Tablets. Batch filing works if you CC yourself from your phone (e.g. POP3 accounts) or if your Sent Items folder synchs across devices (Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange)
Defer/Snooze emails out of your Inbox until you need them Use eeminders to move emails out of your Inbox and have them automatically return at the actual date and time you want to work on them. You can even add notes to the emails to remind yourself of the action you want to take.
Get Follow-up reminders for emails you send... in your Inbox. Do you need to to ensure that the appropriate action was taken on an email that you sent? QuickFile's eeminders can remind you to follow up by returning the email to your Inbox at your chosen time.
Use Someday lists for non-urgent emails Don't have an exact date to work on an email? Click Someday to move them out of your Inbox and into the Someday folder. Emails in the Someday folder can be categorised into lists such as Read Later, Work at Home, Phone Calls etc
Quick-Task Quickly create a Task for the selected email
Quick-Appointment Quickly create an Appointment for the selected email
Automatically file Newsletters Stop cluttering your emails with newsletters that don't need your immediate attention. QuickFile will move your newsletters out of your Inbox to a folder dedicated to newsletters. QuickFile can show you a non-intrusive message whenever emails are moved... and it can also remind you once a day to check your newsletters.. so you don't miss out on any specials etc.
Automatically Create Tasks from Outgoing emails QuickFile can automatically create Tasks from emails after they are sent out. Essential if you use your task list to track follow-ups needed for emails.
Automatically Create Appointment from Outgoing emails QuickFile can automatically create Appointments from emails after they are sent out. Major time saver if your emails have follow-ups that need to be scheduled.
Export emails out of Outlook in PDF Portfolio, Word, HTML and PDF format Export selected emails or all emails into a single PDF Portfolio, Word, PDF or HTML document. This can be used for sharing emails with others... or for archiving emails with other documents.
Export emails for a project into its own PST QuickFile can export all emails in a folder into a new PST. You can use this to archive emails after a project is finished with the rest of the Word, Excel etc documents in the same folder.
Print all Sent and Received emails for the day at the click of a button Ensure that your printed paper records are up to date. You can tell QuickFile which emails are confidential so that they won't be printed.
Ensure that printed documents get filed in the correct folder QuickFile lets you tag emails with a project/case name or number. This identifies the correct document to the person doing the filing and reduces the chances of emails ending up in the wrong folders.
Network Deployment Options For volumes over 50, we can provide you with a customized MSI and full documentation that you can use to carry out installations based on your requirements from a central Windows server.

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