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QuickFile Update History

Date Version Details
24-May-2022 6.1.8167 - Minor bug fix.
02-May-2022 6.1.8147 - NEW Disable filing history feature (helps with performance when using public folders).
- NEW Disable Undo feature (helps with performance when using public folders).
- New format for logging file.
- Minor bug-fixes.
29-June-2021 6.1.7844 - Fixed Check for Updates Error.
13-October-2020 6.1.7586 - NEW! Minor Update

- NEW Feature: Export to PDF Portfolio from Export screen.
- NEW Feature: Reset Suggestions.
- Updates to User Interface.
- Other bug-fixes.
20-May-2020 6.0.7430 - Updates and bug fixes made to work well with Net Documents (ND) Mail Folder Mapping
02-March-2020 6.0.7338 - Minor bug fix.
11-February-2020 6.0.7275 - Bug fix: Network related issues occurred while sending emails on Online Exchange Mode.
18-September-2019 6.0.7194 - NEW Feature: File Thread for QuickFile Pro and Ultimate versions.
- NEW Feature: Lock Screen available for admins to set restrictions for normal users.
- Massive speed and performance improvement to QuickFile Training.
- Updates made for Net Documents (ND) Mail Folder Mapping - ND Icons shown with One-Click ribbon buttons.
- Turn off Newsletter notification from Settings screen.
- Sort columns on Filing History Screen.
- Other minor updates and bug fixes.
07-August-2019 6.0.7116 - Option to hide confirmation screen during Send&Delete.
- Re-signed the Installation files with new Digital Signature Certificate.
- Other minor updates.
05-June-2019 6.0.7089 - NEW! MAJOR Update

- Monitor Additional Stores: Ability to add additions folders to be monitored.
- Improved Speed: You will see a significant reduction in the startup-time, time to load the QuickFile screens and the time to file emails.
- 3 One-Click buttons: Improves user efficiency by giving you more ways to file an email with a single click
- Filing History: Quickly see what emails you worked on and where they were filed (plus re-open them with a simple click)
- Favorites on the Ribbon: Add and file to commonly used folders directly from the Ribbon
- Content Based Recommendations: QuickFile now also uses the content of your email Subject to recommend folders.
- File&Goto: If you want to file an email and go to the folder at the same time.
- File&Print: If you need to file both electronic and paper copies of your emails.
- QuickFile Training: QuickFile can learn where to file emails by scanning existing emails and folders.
- Enhanced Batch Filing screen to quickly file all emails sent from phone (once back on desktop)
- And more…
25-March-2019 5.0.7005 - Bug Fix: On some computers the Send&File button was not working in Outlook 2016(if Outlook 2016 was not updated).
10-September-2018 5.0.6817 - Minor bug fixes.
24-May-2018 5.0.6715 - Minor updates.
18-September-2017 5.0.6464 - Minor bug fix
- QuickFile can now identify which folders are synced using
- MailSync
16-August-2017 5.0.6437 - Updated with a new version of eeminders(1.1.6436)
31-July-2017 5.0.6410 - Universal Installer Framework upgraded
19-June-2017 5.0.6375 - Minor bug fix
02-May-2017 5.0.6319 - Minor bug fix
30-November-2016 5.0.6176 - Minor bug fix
4-August-2016 5.0.6060 - Made bug fix for installer
- Other minor bug fixes
12-July-2016 5.0.6037 - The same installer file will now be used for both 32 bit Outlook and 64 bit Outlook.
28-September-2015 5.0.5746 - Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013)
7-May-2015 5.0.5604 - Bug fix: When receiving bounce back message in Exchange, content of the bounce back email was changed to symbolic characters.
- QuickFile will now import all existing TBYL! For Outlook shortcuts and upgrade them to Version 5 of QuickFile.
- Other minor bug fixes.
7-Jan-2015 5.0.5448 - Bug fix: On QuickFile/Find&Goto screen. Some of the folder paths on some folders were displayed as alphanumeric characters instead of the true folder path.
12-Nov-2014 5.0.5427 - Bug fix: On QuickFile/Find&Goto screen when folder paths contained "/" or "\"
- Bug fix: When adding folders through Outlook (folders were not being added to the QuickFile list)
- Bug fix: When adding folders through QuickFile/Find&Goto screen and Outlook whose folder paths contained "/" or "\"
- Bug fix: Go to Outbox folder after sending emails, the sending email gets stuck in the Outbox
- Bug fix: When sending out a Task Request, recipient was unable to view the Task Request item.
- Other minor bug fixes
29-Sep-2014 5.0.5378 - Bug fix: In x86 and x64 MSI files
- Bug fix: When Indexing folders on initial start up of QuickFile screen
9-Sep-2014 5.0.5365 - Bug fix: When searching for folders using Outlook 2013 in different PST's, encryption error was given while using Find&Goto.
5-Sep-2014 5.0.5361 - Bug fix: When searching for folders using QuickFile.
1-Sep-2014 5.0.5354 - Speed Improvement when searching for folders using QuickFile.
15-July-2014 5.0.5301 - Re-signed the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
3-July-2014 5.0.5291 - NEW! QuickFile interface changed to display folders in TreeView structure
- NEW! Added new features to right click QuickFile menu
- Ability to change the number of Recent folders to display on QuickFile screen
- Bug fix: Allows filing of digitally signed and/or encrypted emails
- Bug fix: Not all folders were indexed in Microsoft Exchange Public Folders
- Other minor bug fixes
19-May-2014 5.0.5252 - NEW! Ability to remove suggestions from QuickFile list
- NEW! Show sub-folders in the search result on the QuickFile Screen by doing a right-click on the list.
- Speed Improvement when filing email(s) using your QuickFile
- Speed improvement when indexing folders in Public folder(s) (in Exchange environment)
- Other minor bug fixes
02-May-2014 5.0.5235 - Speed Improvement when using your Outlook (while QuickFile is installed)
- NEW! Show sub-folders in the search result on the QuickFile Screen by doing a right-click on the list.
- Other minor bug fixes
25-Apr-2014 5.0.5228 - NEW! Right-Click search box on QuickFile screen for options to load suggestions for a different recipient.
- Bug Fix: Public Folders on certain machines in Exchange environment was not showing in QuickFile screen.
- Bug Fix: During QuickFile installation, eeminders was not able to install on some machines.
- Other minor bug fixes
22-Apr-2014 5.0.5220 - NEW! Major Upgrade
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