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QuickFile Settings

To access the QuickFile settings screen:

  1. From your current folder in Outlook, goto QuickFile ribbon
  2. Click 'More Actions' -> Settings

You can refer to the table below the screen shot for a more detailed description for each tab.


General Tab

Options Description
Mark Unread message as read when filing If this option is checked and you file an unread message then QuickFile will mark this message as read.
Display Send&lFile prompt when sending emails When clicking Outlook's own "Send" button, QuickFile's Send&File screen will prompt to file your outgoing emails.
Add category 'Copy QuickFiled' when filing a copy Adds a category if you choose the option to file a copy inside your Sent Items folder.
Automatically file original email with sent email for Forwards File the original email you received along with the Forwarded email that you send out.
Automatically file original email with sent email for Reply/Reply-to-All File the original email you received along with the Reply and/or Reply-to-All email that you send out.
Use email contents (too) when making recommendations The content of your email Subject is also considered to recommend folders
Display Category list on QuickFile screen Add a category from QuickFile screen
Expand All Folders in QuickFile (if less than 5- folders) Folders displayed in QuickFile Screen, Send&File Screen, Find&Goto Screen, and Choose Folder Screen will be expanded.
Show confirmation prompt during Send&Delete A message box will prompt to confirm your Send&Delete action when filing emails that are going out.
How to Search for Folders - Anywhere in folder name
- Only at start of words
Number of Recently used Folders Select from the dropdown list. This will be the number of recently used folders listed in QuickFile Screen, Send&File Screen, Find&Goto Screen, and Choose Folder Screen.
Delete Filing History data older than ... days. Filing history data older than the chosen number of days will be deleted permanently.
Action on button Click: Quick-File, One-Click or Send&File You can either file the original email, or a copy.


Pro Tab

Options Description
Action on Button Click: Quick/Send Task or Quick/Send Appointment Attach email to Task/Appointment Body: Choose to attach the selected email to the Task/Appointment created.

Copy email to Task/Appointment Body: Choose to copy the body of the selected email to the Task/Appointment created.
Automatically process newsletters as they arrive in the Inbox As soon as a Newsletter arrives into your Inbox, QuickFile will shift it to the "Newsletter" folder for you.
Newsletter Email Addresses You can specify which senders will most commonly send newsletter to you here.
Create Email to remind me to look at Newsletter emails Here you can tell QuickFile when to remind you that there are pending newsletters in your "Newsletter" folder.
Do not show Newsletter notification Notification balloon will not appear when Newsletter email arrives in Outlook
Show File Thread Success Message A message will appear after Thread has been filed using File Thread Screen


Ultimate Tab

Options Description
Log all incoming (Inbox) e-mails & outgoing (Sent Items) e-mails. QuickFile will make a list of all emails that you have received or sent out, and you can print these emails later.
Display Printer selection when Microsoft Word is used for printing. QuickFile will allow you to select which printer you want to print from if you so choose to.
Print full emails with all "old original text" in it You can print the entire email message of any email if you choose this option.
Print only the newest reply (remove all old original text) You can print the most recent reply if you choose this option.
Print all replies in the email newer than the last recorded time that I was the sender. QuickFile will only print your latest reply.
Let QuickFile detect my email addresses using the accounts I have setup in Microsoft Outlook. QuickFile will automatically add the accounts inside of your Outlook, or you can choose to add these accounts manually.

Data Files

Data Files_Tab Tab

Options Description
Search Public Folders too If you're using an Microsoft Exchange Server, you can tell QuickFile to index the public folders also but this is discouraged since your Outlook can slow down a bit.
Index Other Exchange Folders too If you're using an Microsoft Exchange Server, you can tell QuickFile to index other Exchange folder also but this is discouraged since your Outlook can slow down a bit.
Default Stores/All Stores/Selected Stores QuickFile's built-in index can scan your default store or all of your accounts or QuickFile can scan only the accounts you choose.
Monitor the following store/pst for Newsletters & Send&File features. You can tell QuickFile which store and/or PST to monitor, by default QuickFile is set to monitor your default PST. You can specify this by the dropdown menu.
Monitor Additional Folders (Send&File) You can add addtional folders to be monitored for Send&FIle.

Ribbon & Keyboard

RibbonKeyboard Tab

Options Description
Show LARGE Send&File button You can have big Send&File button
Show Folder Path on Ribbon dropdowns For Favourites and One-Click dropdowns on Ribbon, you can choose to have full folder path displayed instead of just folder name.
Show 1 large (instead of 3 small) One-Click button You can choose to have only 1 folder recommended in big button or 3 folders recommended in 3 small buttons. Both will have maximum of 5 folders recommended in the ribbon dropdown.
Fast Mode: Do not show one-Click buttons on Ribbons One Click buttons will hide
Max Number of Favourites Folders on list You can tell QuickFile to display certain number of favourites in the Ribbon dropdown. The number of favourites chosen to display will be according to the alphabetical order (Ascending)
Setup keyboard shortcuts By default, QuickFile has some shortcuts that you may find useful. You can also set your own shortcuts. Whichever suits your use of QuickFile best.


Advanced Tab

Options Description
Show QuickFile Folder By default, the folder where QuickFile Version 5 saved your settings is hidden. If you want to unhide this folder, just press this button.
Show QuickFile Appdata Folder Opens the location where QuickFile Version 6 Settings are stored.
Enable troubleshooting logging Logs QuickFile events in a text file to help in troubleshooting.
View Log Folder Opens the location where log folders are stored.
Hide "Do not show this screen again on Outlook Send Click" checkbox on Send&File Screen This is to ensure that user does not off display of Send&File screen. (Useful in coperate environment where settings are forced to users)
Hide Hidden Folders on QuickFile dialogs Hidden folders will not be displayed in QuickFile screens for you to file in them.
Re-index Quickfile screens once per Outlook Session QuickFile will refresh indexes once per Outlook Session
Delay Indexing on start-up (milliseconds) QuickFile will delay indexing during startup.
Administrator Settings Opens screen that allows you to hide and disable settings from users. (Useful for Enterprise customers)
Reset Suggestions Opens screen that gives you options for clearing suggestions.

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