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eeminders for Emails

You can have a clean Inbox by using eeminders to defer/snooze emails. This will remove the email from your Inbox and have it reappear again at your chosen time.

To eemind (defer/snooze) an email(s):

  1. Select the emails or post items from your Inbox.
  2. Click on “eemind me” on the ribbon or toolbar
    eeminders ribbon
    (You can also right click over the email and then click eemind me)
  3. Enter the date and time that you want the email to come back to your Inbox. Hint: You can select the date and time by choosing from the date drop down as shown:
    eemind me screen
    On the screen above, you can also:
    • Write a follow -up note which will be displayed on the email when it returns
    • Add an Outlook reminder when the email(s) return to your Inbox
  4. Click OK

Moving email(s) back to Inbox from "eeminders" folder.

  1. Go to eeminders folder
  2. From the eeminder ribbon > Click on the eemind me drop-down:
    eemind me dropdown

The button click action are described in the table below:

Button Description
Return To Inbox Returns the email(s) back to the Inbox
Return To Inbox (Clear Flag) Clears the Follow-up Flag and returns the email(s) back to the Inbox
Return To Inbox (Flag Now) Adds a Follow-up Flag and returns the email(s) back to the Inbox.

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