SendGuard for Outlook

Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution for Outbound Emails

SendGuard Detects and Warns Users of Potential Risks before Emails are sent out

SendGuard for Office 365, OWA, Outlook for Mac, New Outlook, Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016

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Used by companies of all sizes including the Fortune 500
Our clients include Multi-National Law Firms
Thousands of Users in 50+ Countries
Certified Software from a Microsoft Partner

Protect your company from the risk of Confidential information being emailed to the wrong people


Protect your company from the risk of Confidential information being emailed to the wrong people


Review Recipients


Review Attachments


(Optional) Encrypt the email


Click Send (SendConfirm can even log details of email sent)


External Domain are color-coded for easy Identification


View/Open Attachment


Sent Now or Delay (to allow Unsend/Recall)


Brand with your logo, Customized wording and links to email policies

Confirm Recipients

Get users to review and confirm recipients before emails are sent out.

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Review Attachments

Get users to review and confirm attachments before emails are sent out.

Confirm or Block Reply All

Get users to review and confirm recipients when Reply-All is clicked (or block Reply All altogether)

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Apply Your Own Rules (& Actions) to Sent Emails

Use the Send Rules engine to define your own Checks and Actions on outgoing emails.

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Encrypt Outgoing Emails

Mark emails for encryption (by encryption software of your choice)

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Data Loss Prevention (Email and Attachments)

Detects and warns for sensitive or inappropriate content (credit card numbers etc)

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Single User/Small Organizations

Use the SendRules engine to define your own Checks and Actions on outgoing emails.

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Enterprise Deployment

Customised MSI files to install and deploy settings with your preferred deployment tool.

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Centrally Managed Settings

ADMX/ADML templates to manage settings. Settings can also be locked to prevent changes.

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Corporate Branding and Link to Policies

Stress security by displaying your logo and linking to email/security policies.

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Reduce organizational liability by logging details of sent emails

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Unsend Emails even after clicking Send

Delay (non-urgent) emails for a minute to allow "recall" of sent emails

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Now works with Outlook Web Access (Office 365) too

SendGuard now works on both Outlook Desktop and Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Office 365 users. The OWA version has the most important features of the desktop version and can be centrally deployed and managed by your Office 365 Administrator.

Visit our SendGuard for Outlook OWA (M365) page or contact our support team for more information.


Trusted Software from a Microsoft Partner

The Microsoft 365 Certification logo represents that this app has achieved Microsoft 365 Certification. In addition to app security, this program reviews the practices and procedures the app publisher employs. While customer data is under control of the app publisher, you can rest assured that Microsoft has validated that the app will handle it in a safe and secure manner.

Compare Versions

Choose the appropriate version of Send Confirm or Send Guard based on your security and corporate requirements (The trial version has all features but individual features can be turned on and off as required)

SendGuard Standard (SendConfirm)

SendGuard Pro (with Lite DLP)

SendGuard Premium (with Full DLP)

Contact Us for a Demo and/or Pricing

Prompt to confirm before emails sent out
Prompt to confirm when recipients from multiple domains
Prompt when email has attachments

Support Linked Files (OneDrive, etc): Able to show Linked files attached to emails on SendConfirm prompt.


Confirm Encryption before sending email.

Attachment Guard: Insert attachment names to emails, rename attachments before sending etc.
Set filters to control when prompt is displayed (internal emails, external emails etc)
Customisable message on prompt
Lock or hide settings from users
Custom Branding (Logo) and Corporate Policy Link
Log Result to Windows Log or Text File

Analyze logs using Power Bi or Splunk for auditing and risk assessment

Reply Guard: Prompt when Reply All clicked
Prompt for Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers and any definable other text patterns
Send Rules: Run complex rules to prompt or block out-going emails
Account Guard: Ensure emails is being sent from correct email account
Delay Guard: Delay emails in Outbox so that you can Undo sends
Subject Guard: Clean subject lines of spam markings etc.
Basic DLP: Use Send Rules to scan email subject & body for words or patterns (credit card numbers, personal health information. )

Custom Scripts for Special Checks: Based on your security needs we can create custom scripts for your company to perform special checks on outgoing emails.


Send Rules: Rules can be based on contents of attachments. (Click here for more information)


Advanced DLP Scanning: All the features of Basic DLP plus ability to scan inside attachments. Also includes a Central DLP screen to scan for multiple patterns and report on one prompt.

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