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Add on for Microsoft® Outlook ® to Protect You from the Most Common Email Sending Mistakes.

SendGuard prevents embarrassing mistakes that can make your emails look unprofessional and waste your valuable time. SendGuard is an add on for Outlook that installs inside Outlook so that you can continue to work the same way you always have.

SendGuard will automatically check all emails as they are being sent and warn you if it detects a potential problem. SendGuard protects you in 5 main areas.

  • Send Confirm
  • Reply Guard
  • Send Rules for Outlook
  • Account Guard
  • Delay Guard
  • Subject Guard
  • Data Loss Prevention

SendGuard is in integrated product that includes all (plus more) of the protection outlined below.

Send Confirm

Outlook has a very handy feature called Auto-Complete which suggests names and email addresses as you begin to type them.

Unfortunately this features makes it very easy to accidentally send an email to the wrong person.

Send Confirm protects your company from similar mistakes by confirming that you are sending the email to the intended recipient.

You can use a simply prompt to simply get the user to confirm that the email is being sent to the correct people.

Send Confirm Simple Prompt

The domain is actually highlighted in red to quickly highlight to the sender if the email is being sent to the wrong company.

Or you can use the more powerful confirmation prompt that displays both attachments and recipients.

 Send Confirm Prompt

You can make changes to the recipients and attachments directly from this screen without needing to go back to the email.

Note: Send Confirm for Outlook is also available separately if you do not need the rest of the functionality of the full SendGuard.

Reply Guard

Replying to the wrong people can be both professionally embarrassing and costly. This add on for Outlook will warn you if:

You do a Reply (instead of a Reply All) on any email that originally had multiple recipients. (Are you keeping everyone informed?)

Reply All Prompt

You do a Reply to All on an email on which you were BCCed. (The original sender probably BCCed because he does not want the other recipients to know that you are also receiving a copy of the email - a Reply to All will immediately alert them)

Prompt on BCC

You do a Reply to All on any email. This can be turned off but many users prefer to get confirmation so that they are not accidentally communicating their thoughts to the wrong people.

Send Rules

Send Rules for Outlook lets you create you define your own Rules that will be run whenever an email is sent out. You can define as many different Rules as you want.

Use the IF tab to define the conditions:

Send Rules Conditions

Use the THEN tab to define the actions that the computer should take place if the conditions on the IF tab are met.

Send Rules Actions

You can choose to show a message to get the user to confirm if the email still gets sent out, automatically BCC the email to another user and more.

Account Guard

Do you have more than one email account setup in Outlook? Using the wrong email account to send an email can make you look unprofessional and cost you business. Our add on for Outlook lets you set a default email account for each person you communicate with so that you always use the correct email account.

If SendGuard does not recognize the email address of the person you are writing to, it will let you assign a default email account to it.

=Send Account Add to list

=Send Account Add Preferred Account

The next time you try and send an email to that person using the wrong account, SendGuard will automatically warn you and let you send using the correct account at the click of a button.

=Account Guard Prompt

Delay Guard

Have you ever wished that you had NOT sent an email? Maybe your response was "undiplomatic" because you were angry when replying.

This component of the SendGuard, add on for Outlook can delay the sending of your emails by a fixed number of minutes (set by you) so that you can get some time to change your mind.

The delay can be automatically applied to outgoing emails or SendGuard will check with you before delaying an email.

Delay Guard

You can also easily setup SendGuard to either delay all emails or only emails to certain email addresses.

Subject Guard

Having Blank Subjects can also be a problem. In addition to making your email look unprofessional, it also increases the chances that the recipient will ignore your email because it is not immediately apparent what your email is about. In addition many spam filters automatically classify blank subject emails as spam.

Send Guard will warn if you try and send an email with a blank subject.

Subject Guard

Another common problem is that you may unintentionally send an email with the wrong subject. Does this sound familiar...

You needed to contact someone, found an old email from them and clicked Reply to create an email to them. The problem is that you forgot to change the Subject which will may annoy the recipient and possibly delay a response.

SendGuard will prompt you to change the Subject if you do a reply on an old email (you can change the number of days that triggers this prompt on the settings screen)

Prompt to Change Subject

Data Loss Prevention

Sending email-containing sensitive information can put you in trouble and be costly for your company. This add on for Outlook can warn or block such emails from going out of your mailbox. All you need to do is to set rules according to your company policy.

Data Loss Prevention

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident about our software, that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!
This way, you can try SendGuard without risking a cent of your money.
If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one red cent. Just e-mail us and we’ll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of your 30-day guarantee. No Questions Asked!

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