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As a highly respected law firm, we have always placed great importance on the privacy and confidentiality of our clients' information. The nature of our work often involves the exchange of sensitive information via email, making it vital to ensure that our communications are both secure and accurate.

SendGuard has played a crucial role in helping us maintain the highest level of confidentiality and accuracy in our email communications. By providing robust protection against inadvertent email mishaps, SendGuard enables us to confidently share confidential information with clients and colleagues.

One of the key features that sets SendGuard apart is its ability to ensure that emails are sent only to their intended recipients. This has significantly reduced the risk of accidentally disclosing sensitive client data or legal strategies, thus allowing us to maintain our sterling reputation and trustworthiness. Additionally, SendGuard's innovative "unsend" feature has proven to be invaluable in our day-to-day operations. In the fast-paced world of legal practice, there are instances when we need to amend or retract an email after it has been sent. SendGuard allows us to do this seamlessly, providing a safety net that further safeguards our clients' privacy and our firm's reputation.

In summary, SendGuard has been instrumental in enhancing the security and efficiency of our email communications. We wholeheartedly endorse SendGuard and believe it is an essential tool for any law firm or organization that values the privacy and confidentiality of its clients' information.

Amaan Mohiuddin

Chief Information Security Officer Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, P.C.

One of our clients was having an issue with sensitive information accidently being sent out to the wrong recipients. Unfortunately, it happened more than once. We were able to deploy SendGuard via Microsoft 365 ensuring our clients piece of mind quickly and easily.

Chris Morozin

President VMX Technologies, LLC.

We have been using SendGuard as a plugin for Outlook for the last 18 months. We are extremely pleased with the product which integrates seamlessly with Outlook. We had been looking for such a product for several months until we came across SendGuard. We definitely appreciate the usefulness of the product as in our hectic world its very easy to mistake a recipient or send a wrong attachment which might cause an issue and embarrass the firm but with SendGuard this has been resolved. Their customer support is very prompt and attentive.

Pierre Zammit

Chief Executive Officer WH Partners

SendGuard for Outlook is the best Outlook AddIn I've seen so far - and I've seen a lot of them. SendGuard's functionality makes me feel relaxed since I'm confident that there is a tool that takes care of the most stupid mistakes I could make in my daily business life and the best of all - and probably the biggest difference to many other addins - it is fast and has a small footprint on my system resources.

Jürgen Haas


SendGuard is an “embarrassment saver”. It prevents you from embarrassing yourself by forgetting to actually attach files that your message says are attached. It also helps you organize the recipients of your messages into the proper categories i.e. to, cc, and bcc. It’s unobtrusive and quick. In short, it works!

Edward Scaefer

Educational Resources, Inc.

I am very happy with SendGuard. It allows me to send email quickly without too much worrying about missing attachments and things like that. Nice product, good price.

John Fischer

Prezza Technologies, Inc.

I am delighted with SendGuard - it is what I have wanted for ages. No more forgotten attachments; all my emails now go from the right address and to the right people. But, perhaps the best, I can intercept and even resend the emails that I have thought better of or want to change or add something or someone to. Invaluable.

Simon Freeman


Sendguard has saved me much embarrassment on more than one occasion. There have been a few times when I was upset at my husband and wrote him an email to let him have it, hit send and there is the Sendguard window,just then the phone rings and it is him explaining in greater detail reasons for his actions and without hesitation, I was able to not send the nasty gram after all. Being unemployed, there have been occasions that I am sending out my resume and have forgotten to attach it and Sendguard saved me from looking not so qualified for the job. I am very happy that I purchased this product, time and time again.

Tammara Lackey


SendGuard is one of the best add-in's for Outlook I have ever purchased.

SendGuard offers 5 tools in one. Best value for the money for an Outlook Add-in that I have ever purchased

SendGuard has paid for itself 100 times over by 'forcing' me to approve each email before it goes - savings embarrassing email errors

Addins4Outlook offers timely and responsive support of every product they have created. Every company should strive to deliver customer and tech support the way this company does

Dennis M. Najjar, CPA

AccountingDepartment.com, LLC

I have multiple email accounts and was always accidently using the wrong account! SendGuard has solved that issue and integrates well into Outlook.


Avian Ambassadors - Flights of Education

SendGuard have been of great use for me and my small company. We no longer worry about to whom we are sending email(s) and we always have the safe guard of SendGuard.

Bernie Hamblin

President, Bernie Hamblin Estimating, Inc.

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