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SendGuard Update History

Date Version Details
13-January-2020 4.0.7307 Minor bug fixes
28-Novemeber-2019 4.0.7269 - New Major Upgrade:
- Enhanced DLP (Improved RegEx for pattern matching)
- Scanning of Attachments for words and patterns (RegEx)
- Improved User Interface and Security
- Faster Performance
- Full compatibility with Office 365
- Interface with server based encryption
07-August-2019 3.0.7153 - Re-signed the Installation files with new Digital Signature Certificate.
- Minor Bug fixes
11-March-2019 3.0.6997 - Bug fix to fix an error on opening same msg file twice in same outlook session.
- Bug fix to Account Guard
- Bug fix to Send Rules to use either , or ;
- Bug fix to Reply Guard Attach Attachment on reply and reply all.
- Bug fix to Reply Guard screen when checking the select all checkbox the first row checkbox now gets updated on screen
- Bug fix for DPI on 200%
- Minor Bug fixes
04-February-2019 3.0.6970 - Ability to scan for text in email body, subject and attachment filename using 1 Rule
- Ability to display the words that triggered the prompt if text found
- Not allowed to rename attachments once the rule for checking the attachment name has already ran
- Disable viewing of disallowed file types from SendConfirm screen
- Ability to hide all Select All checkboxes from SendConfirm screen
- Minor Bug fixes in several guards.
10-December-2018 3.0.6877 - Disable view button for all disallowed file types in SendConfirm screen
- Reply Guard now has colored domains
- Bug fix to the Reply Guard rtf prompt which was not displaying the custom messages
- Bug fix to Reply Guard no saving of response item in rtf prompt
- Other minor bug fix
25-October-2018 3.0.6866 - Simplified Settings Screen for Administrators.
- Minor bug fixes.
15-October-2018 3.0.6856 - Major update to Send Confirm Screen Including:
- Recipients and attachments on one page.
- Different colors for different external domains.
- Link to view attachments.
- SendRules Update including:
- Ability to prompt or block on combination of email/domains.
- Admin Changes:
- Ability to set default buttons on prompts from registry.
06-September-2018 3.0.6816 - New Simple trial method.
- Fix for saving drafts automatically.
- Minor bug fixes.
04-July-2018 3.0.6757 - Fix for Windows event logging.
- Fix for atttachment error on Windows RDS.
18-June-2018 3.0.6733 - Stability and Security update. (Recommended for users)
- Minor updates.
29-May-2018 3.0.6719 - Ability to Export Rules
- Ability to add text before and after subject text in SendRules.
- Minor updates.
14-May-2018 3.0.6708 - Ability to display prompt for 1 or more external domains
- Minor bug fixes
08-Mar-2018 3.0.6641 - Reply Guard screen highlights the external domains in red as it does for SendConfirm and SendRules
- Minor bug fixes
09-Feb-2018 3.0.6612 - Minor bug fixes
02-Feb-2018 3.0.6607 - Minor update for enterprise deployment
30-Jan-2018 3.0.6604 New Send Rules: CC Action (Then)
- Minor bug fixes
12-Jan-2018 3.0.6586 New Major Upgrade!
31-July-2017 2.0.6402 - Universal Installer Framework upgraded
10-April-2016 2.0.6302 - Minor Bug fixes
29-July-2016 2.0.6031 - Includes a new software bundle for SendConfirm & Reply Guard.
- The same installer file will now be used for both 32 bit Outlook and 64 bit Outlook.
28-September-2015 2.0.5746 - Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013)
29-June-2015 2.0.5646 - Bug fix: SendConfirm was not displaying the correct message on an existing Meeting Request item when "Send updates only to added or deleted attendees" feature was used.
6-May-2015 2.0.5588 - Wildcard tags (such as %USERPROFILE%, %APPDATA% etc.) can be used while specifying the INI file location
- Other minor bug fixes
7-April-2015 2.0.5561 - Updated "Check for Updates" form with a more user friendly interface
- Bug fix: In Outlook 2013, when replying to an email using Inline Response
- Other minor bug fixes
2-February-2015 2.0.5508 New Major Upgrade!
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