SendGuard Update History

Date Version / Details
31-July-2017 Version 2.0.6402
- Universal Installer Framework upgraded
10-April-2016 Version 2.0.6302
- Minor Bug fixes
29-July-2016 Version 2.0.6031
- Includes a new software bundle for SendConfirm & Reply Guard.
- The same installer file will now be used for both 32 bit Outlook and 64 bit Outlook.
28-September-2015 Version 2.0.5746
- Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013)
29-June-2015 Version 2.0.5646
- Bug fix: SendConfirm was not displaying the correct message on an existing Meeting Request item when "Send updates only to added or deleted attendees" feature was used.
6-May-2015 Version 2.0.5588
- Wildcard tags (such as %USERPROFILE%, %APPDATA% etc.) can be used while specifying the INI file location
- Other minor bug fixes
7-April-2015 Version 2.0.5561
- Updated "Check for Updates" form with a more user friendly interface
- Bug fix: In Outlook 2013, when replying to an email using Inline Response
- Other minor bug fixes
2-February-2015 Version 2.0.5508
- New Major Upgrade!
15-July-2014 Version 1.1.5301
- Re-signed the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate.
24-March-2014 Version 1.1.5193
- Bug fix: SendGuard was not returning smtp address of some email recipients in an Exchange environment.
- In some situations, Attachment-Guard was prompting twice
- Spam filter text and RE, FW text was not removed from Subject if you do a Forward on emails.
- Improved UI error handling on settings screen
- Other minor bug fixes.
22-January-2014 Version 1.1.5129
- Bug fix: SendGuard screens/prompts did not appear correctly on different DPI screen.
02-December-2013 Version 1.1.5080
- Bug fix: On some machines with Outlook 2013, if you Reply/Reply-All from your Inbox, the Reply Guard screen opens and then it closes immediately.
- Bug fix: On some emails, when you do a Reply/Reply-All using SendGuard and then you try to send out the email, Outlook prompts that it is not able to resolve the email addresses.
02-October-2013 Version 1.1.5023
NEW! Apply Windows theme on all addin screens
New Send confirm prompt option added: Display prompt for everyone except the following email address / domains
NEW! Added the following Cooperate Client Admin new features:
* Ability to lock user from deactivation the product
* Ability to suppress SendGuard settings folder created message prompt.
- Updated Installer to detect 32/64 bit of Outlook on the machine.
- Bug fix: On some machines with Outlook 2013, empty subject prompt message comes up in a never ending loop.
- Bug fix: If you do a ReplyAll on an email whose sender/recipient is a Microsoft Exchange Email address, an error prompt comes up.
- Bug fix: On some machines, when you file original email using EmailTags for Outlook, an error message comes up in SendGuard.
05-June-2013 Version 1.1.4898

Compatible with 64 bit of Outlook.
- ReplyGuard feature now works with InlineResponse in Outlook 2013.
- Other minor bug fixes.

29-January-2013 Version 1.0.144
- Updates to improve compatibility with Outlook 2013.
8-January-2013 Version 1.0.136
- Bug fix: Installation error when installing SendGuard on a computer with Outlook 2013 on it.
- Bug fix: Some error messages were displayed when using SendGuard with EmailNotes for Outlook and EmailTags for Outlook
- Shifted SendGuard menu from Addins to 'Standss Outlook Addins' tab
- Other minor bug fixes
20-December-2011 Version 1.0.119
- Ability to select recipients when doing a Reply/Reply All on email with multiple recipients
- Bug Fix: SendGuard disables when working with multiple Outlook folders opened in different windows
- Other minor bug fixes
8-Dec-2011 Version 1.0.95
- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
07-April-2010 Version 1.0.95
- Shows all recipients when doing Reply-to-all
- Support for Goole Apps
- Bug fix: SendGuard disables when you close multiple explorers
- Bug fix: When using word as editor, send email from a non-preferred account and also set option to set as default, but the new default was not set.
29-September-2010 Version 1.0.86
- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
30-March-2010 Version 1.0.86
- Bug Fix: Error "Please initialize class first" comes up on Outlook startup on some machines.
- Bug Fix: Right-click on a non-selected email in your Inbox and click Reply-to-all, the SendGuard prompt does not come up. (Fixed in Outlook 2007 and above.)
- Bug Fix: In Outlook 2010, while using Conversation View in your Inbox, expand & collapse a group, an error message comes up. Auto update my email address list on Outlook startup.

30-December-2009 Version 1.0.80
NEW! Now compatible with Outlook 2010
Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
09-June-2009 Version 1.0.75
- NEW! Allow the user to add subject to the email from the "Empty Subject" prompt while sending out the email.
- Bug Fix for Check for SendGuard updates online.
01-June-2009 Version 1.0.73
NEW! Set selected account as default from the "Account Guard" prompt while sending out the email.
NEW! Check for SendGuard updates online
Bug Fix: When doing a Reply-to-all, any embedded images in the email is lost.
11-February-2009 Version 1.0.61
Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
23-October-2008 Version 1.0.61
Moved SendGuard settings to 'Standss Settings\SendGuard' folder
14-October-2008 Version 1.0.60
NEW! Get Confirmation before sending out your emails to all or selected recipients.
Get confirmation to verify Subject when replying to older emails. Updated Help file
6-June-2008 Version 1.0.54
- Bug fix for SendGuard not connecting in Outlook 2000
2-June-2008 Version 1.0.53
NEW! SendGuard will clean up your Subject line if it has any SPAM labels added to it by your Spam Filter
29-April-2008 Version 1.0.47
- First public release


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