Reply Guard

Reply Guard prompts users and gets them to confirm recipients when they do Reply Alls (or Replies on emails with multiple recipients). Recipients can be changed directly from the prompt. It also has a number of additional productivity and security features for Reply-Alls and Replies on emails with multiple recipients.

Reply Guard Prompt

Reply Guard also lets you:

How does Reply Guard work?

  1. Click to Reply/Reply All/Forward on an email with multiple recipients.
  2. Reply Guard prompt will display to get your confirmation before displaying Reply/Reply All/Forward screen or inspector.

Setup when you want to see Reply Guard Prompt

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on the Standss Outlook Addins tab on the ribbon.
  3. Click on SendGuard and then click Settings to open the Settings screen.
  4. Click on the Reply Guard tab.

    Reply Guard Settings Screen

  5. Setup your preference and click OK.

Include Attachments in Reply/Reply All & Include Original Recipients in Forward.

When you normally do a Reply or Reply All on an email, any attachments from the original email are not included with the Reply. You can configure Reply Guard to either attach the files automatically or prompt you to attach.

  1. Go to the ReplyGuard Settings screen.

    Reply and forward Special Functions Screenshot

  2. For each of the above settings, choose to either get a prompt or include, or not include attachments (or recipients for Forwards).
  3. Setup your preference and click OK.

  4. Prompt users to consider Teams or a phone call if an email thread has more than X replies

    Reply Guard has a new feature that displays a message when a user clicks "Reply" or "Reply All" on an email thread that has exceeded a certain number of replies, as shown below:

      Consider Teams Screen

      This feature is controlled via the settings screen as shown below:
        Consider Teams Screen Prompt

        This prompt text is customizable and this is directly set in the registry key using the RGTooManyRepliesPromptText registry key

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