Send Rules

The SendRule component of SendGuard allows you to specify your own rules that will be run on outgoing emails. You can specify your own checks and actions to perform on the emails.


  1. Prompt for confirmation if email contains sensitive information such as credit card number.
  2. Prompt to BCC emails to CRM system.
  3. Do not send email if it contains domains that should not be contacted together.

The steps to create your Rules:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click on the Standss Outlook Addins tab on the ribbon.
  • Click on SendGuard and then click Settings to open the Settings screen.
  • Go to Send Rules Tab and click on Add/Import button to add a new rule.

  • Send Rules Tab

  • Select Create new empty rule and Click OK
  • The IF tab is used to define the checks to be performed on the email.

  • Send Rules Tab

  • The THEN tab is used to define actions to take if the conditions on the IF tab are met.

  • Send Rules Tab

  • Click OK to Save Rule.


Logic gates are the basic building blocks of any digital system. In the same manner Send Rules also uses logic gates to ensure it works to suit your needs.

There are many operators in logic gates but only two of these operators are used in Send Rules.

  1. AND
  2. OR

In any digital circuit a truth table is always drawn. A truth table shows all of the possible inputs and outputs for a logic circuit. The example below is for a AND gate.

False False False
False True False
True False False
True True True

In an AND logic only if the in and out are both True, then and only then the result will be True else will always be False.

The example below is for a OR gate

False False False
False True True
True False True
True True True

In an OR logic only if the in and out are both False, then and only then the result will be False else will always be True.

Logic Gates in Send Rules
If a rule on the setting screen has multiple options ticked in the IF conditions tab then all of them must be true before the THEN action tab performs the necessary task.
Send Rules in general uses the AND logic for a rule.

Create New Rule Example

If I have 2 rules in my Send Rules tab in SendGuard settings screen.

Add If Condition Rule Example

The first rule has 2 options ticked as shown above

Add Then in the Rule Example

I have a prompt to display when the IF condition is true.

Sample Prompt

This will only prompt if all IF conditions are met.

Using OR logic in Send Rules
If you want to use the OR logic you can use it but this requires some bit of coding from the users end.
We have an advanced system in Send Rules which is called Custom Scripts.
This will help you to create rules using the OR logic.

Display Trigger

It would be nice if you could see everything that caused the rule to prompt in one whole list using only one tag.
Well this is possible now.
Write the Message Body for your Rule and where you think is right you place this tag %trigger_table_full%

Sample trigger setup

When the rule prompts it will exactly tell you all the things that has caused this rule to prompt.

Sample trigger prompt

Custom Script

The Send Rules Custom Script is an advanced version of Send Rules that gives users the ability to code their own rule using either the AND/OR logic or using both together.
You can use Custom Scripts to perform additional checks on emails before they are sent out. Custom Script programming in Send Rules is based on basic Outlook VBA.
We have designed special API’s to enable users to make more complex and unique rules for your organization.
If you are interested in using Send Rules Custom Script for your organisation, then please email us at
We will help you create rules to suit your organisations needs.

Money Back

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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