Trigger Encryption

Trigger Encryption


SendGuard allows the users to mark emails for encryption by choosing Yes or No on the SendConfirm screen (this option can be turned on or off depending on your organizations security needs).

SendGuard does not perform the encryption itself but it instead triggers the encryption by adding a specific string to the subject line of the email or by tagging the email with an invisible x-header (depending on what is required by your encryption program).

This feature is designed to work with any existing encryption software that you currently have. Most software currently add a checkbox to the Ribbon that is too easy for users to miss.

Enabling this feature now ensures that users make a conscious decision on encryption for all emails that are sent out.


There are two settings that control how SendGuard should/should not trigger encryption. The first one is named _EncryptEmailType which controls the visibility of the encryption checkbox on the SendConfirm Pro screen.

There are four types of _EncryptEmailType that could be setup from Registry:

Registry Value

Registry value Desciption




Enabled (None Selected)


Enabled (Yes Selected)


Enabled (No Selected)


Do Not Show But Always Encrypt

The second setting is the _EncryptEmailAction; This settings controls where the encryption value will be added together with the value. There are three types of action:

  • SubjectStart(<text to type>)
  • SubjectEnd(<text to type>)
  • Xheader(<propertyname>:<Text to type>)

Configuration Trigger Encryption

The settings can also be pushed out using ADMX/ADML files and GPO (or your preferred deployment software). Please contact us at for our Administrators Guide and the ADMX/ADML files.

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