Smart Schedules FAQ's/Support

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The following are the main questions asked by Smart Schedule users wondering how to how to create appointments and tasks faster. Please e-mail us at if your question is not answered below.


Will Smart Schedules work with Windows 8 machine?

Smart Schedules is fully compatible with Windows 8. All versions of our software work with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit).

What versions of Outlook does this software work with?

Smart Schedules can be used with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 bit).

Installation and Registration

How can I get an executable copy of SmartSchedules to install on my computer?

Click on the link below to download Smart Schedules:

Corporate Deployment: Do you have a special version/instructions to automatically deploy the addin to client computers in an Enterprise or Organization?

Please contact us at for an MSI installation package and instructions for customizing and deployment using Windows Server Group Policies.

How can I register Smart Schedules on my computer?
I get an error message saying “Registration Unsuccessful” while activating Smart Schedules?

This error normally occurs if you are either:
1. Entering your unlock code or name incorrectly or
2. Have installed the wrong software.
Click here for detailed instructions to solve this problem.

I get an error message “The unlock code has already been activated on another computer.” while activating Smart Schedules?

Each license of Smart Schedules can be used on one computer only. If you are installing the software on the same computer and this message appears, please contact our support team with details. If you wish to transfer your license from one computer to another (e.g. you have purchased a new computer), click here for instructions on transferring licenses between computers.

License Enquiries

I have misplaced my unlock code. How can I retrieve my registration information?

Click here and follow the instructions on the page to retrieve your unlock code.

How do I transfer my license from one computer to another?

To transfer a license from one computer to another, you need to deactivate it on the first computer before it can be activated on the second.
To deactivate please follow the steps below:

   - From Microsoft Outlook, select the Tools menu.
   - Choose Standss > Smart Schedules.
   - Click About Smart Schedules
   - Click the Deactivate button to deactivate.

You will now be able to install the software on another computer and activate it again.

I need to reformat my computer. Will my unlock code still work after reformatting.

Please deactivate your software first before formatting your computer. This will enable you to install and activate again after formatting.
To deactivate please follow the steps below:

   - From Microsoft Outlook, select the Tools menu.
   - Choose Standss > Smart Schedules.
   - Click About Smart Schedules
   - Click the Deactivate button to deactivate.

General Questions

Does Smart Schedules for Outlook work with Outlook Express?

No. Smart Schedules for Outlook works with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later.

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Great Software but what's more important, great commitment of the sales team to make the customer win.

Sharif VanDerBurgh
Head of Change Management and Development Programs

Smart Schedule is another time saving and accuracy enhancing product from the people who brought me Quick-File. Thank you, Standss.

Don Zahnle, REALTOR

offers timely and responsive support of every product they have created. Every company should strive to deliver customer and tech support the way this company does.

Dennis M. Najjar, CPA, Co-Founder,, LLC

“Smart Schedules takes the pain out of the repetitive scheduling of the tasks and calendar entries of every company's standard processes. Its elegantly simple format bridges the gap between project management software that is too complex and Outlook's complete lack of 'batch scheduling' tools.”

Peter O'Donnell